Florida Man Loses Arm After Alligator Attack – Tracy Caruso Says Pools From Now On

In today’s episode of Florida Man, despite being warned not to go into Lake Monroe, some dude wouldn’t listen, and what was supposed to be a harmless little dip ended in an alligator attack. The gator chomped down on the man’s arm and mangled it. The man was rushed to a hospital by some good samaritans, and the man had to have his arm amputated. 

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According to the NY Post,

A Florida man taking a midnight dip in a lake lost half his arm in an alligator attack moments after a concerned local warned him of the dangers lurking in the water. The daredevil, who was only identified as a 31-year-old man, was bitten around 2 a.m. According to the state’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Sunday in Seminole County’s Lake Monroe.

He managed to drag himself out of the water but collapsed on a nearby road — where a couple of good Samaritans rushed to his rescue. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital, and surgeons saved his life by amputating his arm at the elbow, according to FWC.

None of this had to happen. Florida is beautiful, and the water is so beautiful that people feel safe, but should they? Several years ago, I went on a boat in Delray Beach’s Lake Ida to watch my son barefoot water ski. He jumped in that water without a care in the world, but during our lovely boat ride, I saw four alligators in the water. That’s enough to tell me dangerous creatures lurk in the water that you can’t necessarily see from the surface, and maybe lake swimming isn’t the way to go. 

Last night, my husband and I enjoyed a lovely Intracoastal view when we saw something large flopping and tumbling around in the water. It turned out to be two manatees having a sexual encounter. That’s right—manatee sex. As interesting as this mammal porn was to watch at a distance, it was very close to shore, and it’s not the first time I’ve seen manatees in the Intracoastal. I would be terrified if I were swimming and saw a manatee sidling up to me. I’ve had friends who have seen sharks close to shore in the ocean. While swimming in the sea, I felt something weird and snot-like in the water. It was a jellyfish. Creepy. 

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Do you know what body of water is always safe? The swimming pool. From now on, it’s swimming pools for this gal, and for Fl Jolt readers, you may want to think of the man who lost his arm to the alligator and say no. To some creatures, you probably taste like chicken. 

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