Empower Florida PAC Is Lying About Wellington’s Amanda Silvestri

The people involved with Empower Florida PC, Inc. at PO Box 30295, Ft. Lauderdale, 33303, are liars and, in my opinion, scum.

Empower Florida attacked Amanda Silvestri, a candidate for Wellington Council Seat 1 because she “works” for Florida Jolt, which they call a “MAGA Media Company.”

These losers must have polled, and the Silvestri numbers probably scared the hell out of them. That’s generally when attacks this desperate are launched.

Silvestri has not worked for Florida Jolt since June of 2023. They imply she wrote something she did not, and I know that because I wrote the blurb they credited her with.

Silvestri’s job when she worked for Florida Jolt was Director of Content, but that means she managed and kept a young group of talented writers scheduled and on deadline and helped solve a million administrative tasks. These young writers were charged with objectively writing the news. Silvestri had no control over editorial content or story selection.

No one has ever called me to confirm Silvestri’s employment with Florida Jolt; if they had, they’d have known that the person who preceded her in that job was a well-known Democratic operative.

The only person who has editorial control at Florida Jolt is me, and once in a while, if she tortures me enough, Tracy Caruso.

Silvestri had zero control over content.

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I invite people reading this to contact anyone on the board of directors of the largest Trump Club in the country, a club right here in Palm Beach County, Club 47, and ask them if they think Florida Jolt is a MAGA publication.

They’ll laugh in your face.

Florida Jolt and I will always support the Republican nominee for president, and the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party is Donald Trump. I will help him with everything I have. But I have not taken sides in a Republican Presidential Primary in around 15 years.

That does not make me “MAGA,” and the people from Empower Florida PC, Inc. want to smear a good woman and try to scare Democrats and Independents, but I think the voters are more intelligent than that. I think they’ll vote for the best person for Wellington that they can, and that person is Amanda Silvestri.

Full Disclosure: I’ve donated to Amanda Silvestri, I support her Wellington campaign, and my 93-year-old mother is a Democrat.

Amanda Silvestri
The real Amanda Silvestri

Then, we have the pathetic “Guilt by association” side of the mailer. Like many Republicans in Palm Beach County, Silvestri knows Angelique Contreas. So do I. So do hundreds of Republicans in the county—big deal.

I consider myself more conservative than Silvestri. Silvestri is not an extremist of any kind. She’s a concerned married mother of two young children who wants to make her community a better place. So, the developers who are undoubtedly funding the Empower Florida Pac wish to burn her at the stake like the women in Salem in the 1600s, but times have changed, and lying dirtbags can’t get away with that crap anymore.

Nothing in this mailer is accurate, and the good people of Wellington will have to decide if they want a decent and intelligent woman working for their city and their interests or a pathetic bought and paid-for slob who hides behind a PAC in Ft. Lauderdale.


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