ELF’s TV For Conservatives: Sharpe’s Rifles, Doctor Cha, British House of Cards

Three-quarters of new movies and television series begin with a sledgehammer of progressive storytelling and conservative shaming. Most of us don’t want political posturing in our entertainment. Here is the second in our Jolt Media series of great television shows that reflect and respect our values. If you’ve seen any programs you would like to recommend, let us know in the comments.

Emerald Lisa Furnari in Town Center Mall
Emerald Lisa Furnari (ELF) at Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida


Doctor Cha- 2022 On Netflix 1 Season

In Korean with subtitles

A conservative pick because it’s one of the few shows about a lovely, kind, and gracious woman. Almost impossible to find on American television. It’s also a terrific comedy. The story is from South Korea and has so many twists and turns. A housewife (Uhm Jung-hwa) who graduated medical school, gets accidently pregnant and then marries the father. Twenty years later, she decided to become a first-year resident at a Seoul teaching hospital. Her son and husband are doctors at the same hospital. To further complicate the drama, the husband’s mistress is a doctor and the wife’s instructor. Add liver failure, a handsome, interested doctor Dreamy, and an evil mother-in-law to increase the shenanigans. Doctor Cha (the main character) is a charmer, and when she begins her journey in the medical profession, it’s a joy to watch.

Suitable for all ages.

Sharpe Season 1-7 1993-2008

Britbox Amazon Prime

Based on the series of 24 books by Bernard Cornwell set during the Napoleonic wars in the early 1800’s Sharpe is a military series with a touch of romance (it seems no female, whether they be British, French, or Spanish, could resist Major Sharpe). Played by Sean Bean so perfectly that even the author hears Bean’s voice when he writes his later books. Starting in Portugal, Sharpe is promoted after saving Wellington’s life. At that time, only men of the upper class could be officers, and he subsequently had to prove his capability through 7 seasons.

With his sidekick, the Irish Patrick Harper, and his team of riflemen it’s a lot of fun. By series 4, it starts to get repetitive as it’s difficult to come up with fresh battles for Sharpe. With guest stars before they became famous, like Daniel Craig, who was a rotter of an officer. Brian Cox as an intelligence officer. Elizabeth Hurley is a beautiful prostitute. Hugh Fraser as Wellington and Julian Fellowes (later the writer/creator of Downton Abbey)as a snooty officer. The series has them traveling through Portugal, Spain, France, and England, with a later special that is a prequel of Sharpe’s being stationed in India.

Suitable for age 12+ as there are some sexual situations.


House of Cards 1990-1995 3 Seasons

Britbox Amazon Prime

The original British House of Cards, produced by the BBC in 1990, is a political gem. Comparing the British version to the American Version from 2013 with Kevin Spacey is like the difference between a fine Macallan 30-year-old whiskey to that college classic Fireball. That is how far apart the two versions are. If you love politics, the House of Cards on Britbox is riveting with its conniving lead, Francis Urquhart (brilliantly played by Ian Richardson with an oily and evil menace). He carefully manipulates his way up the Tory political ladder with the ugliest of schemes to become Prime Minister. Whether it’s blackmail, honeypots, or even murder, nothing will stop Urquhart from reaching his goal. There are parallels throughout the series to Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Richard 111. With Ian Richardson breaking the fourth wall by speaking to the viewer directly, you’re brought into the story in a very effective way. Based on a book by Michael Dobbs. It will make you long for the days when politicians wore a suit, tie, and cuff links to work and not a hoodie and cargo shorts.

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