Crist Moves on From Hurricane Ian, Goes Woke in Final Month Before Midterms

Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist has struggled to find a message that resonates with Florida voters leading up to the 2022 midterms.

In the last week, his failure to connect with Florida voters has only worsened as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been catapulted into the national news due to his leadership in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

In what could easily become a campaign advertisement for Team DeSantis, even the Democratic President said that the Governor was doing a good job leading the state through the Hurricane.

Crist has tried to find weak points to attack DeSantis over Hurricane Ian, most recently attacking him over property insurance laws.

Still, his strategy is likely to be overshadowed by success stories of Florida’s speedy recovery, including a reconstruction effort of Pine Bridge that only took three days and a DeSantis-led effort that restored power to over 99% of Floridians only days after the Hurricane struck.

Crist, struggling to find footing to attack the Governor after the Hurricane, has already fallen back on familiar talking points on social issues and speculation that DeSantis is running for President in 2024.

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In a recent interview with CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah, he focused on abortion and the Parental Rights in Education bill rather than the Hurricane.

DEAN OBEIDALLAH: What can you share about the threat to freedom? On my show, I call Florida “DeSantis-stan.” That’s what he’s trying to turn it into. It is alarming to hear about the fight for freedom.

CHARLIE CRIST: Well, you’re exactly right. He calls Florida, he did in his State of the State address back in the spring, that we’re the freest state in America. We’re the least free state in America because of DeSantis.

You know, he wants to be a dictator, let’s face it. And he wants to have his decision imposed upon others, doesn’t really care about the will of the people, doesn’t care about their freedom, doesn’t care about a woman’s right to choose, doesn’t care about who people choose to love of their own volition, doesn’t care about minorities and their right to vote. I mean, it’s one thing after another.

It’s almost like he goes to bed every night thinking, “What group can I punish tomorrow for my political gain in order to gain the Republican nomination for president in 24?”

Well, I got news for him: 2022 is first. And he hasn’t gotten math because 22 comes through for 24 and it’s 34 days away.

Crist’s other public messaging indicates that he is already refocused on hot-button social issues as well.  In the last 24 hours, he only mentions Hurricane Ian on his Twitter twice, while issues like abortion are prominently featured on his public account.

Do you think Crist’s strategy will help him in the November midterms?  Leave a comment below.

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