DeSantis Suggests Republicans ‘Take Biden Off the Ballot’ After Colorado Ruling

On Wednesday, Governor Ron DeSantis floated the possibility of Republicans removing Joe Biden from the ballot in the next election in the wake of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to disqualify Donald Trump from the U.S. presidency.

On Tuesday, the Court ruled Trump ineligible based on the insurrection clause of the 14th Amendment, consequently removing him from all ballots in the state of Colorado. The controversial ruling has since sparked a nationwide backlash, with many critics calling it an attack on Democracy.

At a campaign stop in Clinton, Iowa, DeSantis joined the rest of the GOP primary field in slamming the decision and offered suggestions on how Republicans could respond.

“There’s not been any trial or any guilty finding. They’re just saying this from the Colorado Supreme Court,” DeSantis told one Iowa voter during a Q&A. “So that’s a very dangerous precedent to say that a partisan court can just take somebody off the ballot.”

“You know, it’s one thing if somebody had been criminally convicted of those offenses. Then they could just apply the conviction. That has not happened in this case… And my fear is that Democrat states are going to go and move on this ground.”

Asked for his response to the ruling, DeSantis suggested that Republicans could fight fire with fire and remove Biden from the ballot.

“What do we want? Can Republicans–can we just go in and take Biden off the ballot? He let in 8 million people illegally into this country, he did not satisfy his oath of office. There’s going to likely be terrorist attacks that happen in this country of who he let in.”

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DeSantis continued, “So, I think it’s going to get reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court, but I also think this: This is the Democrats playbook for 2024.”

“They are going to do all of this legal lawfare, they have trials for Trump, they have all this other stuff. The whole election will be about all this other stuff if he’s the nominee. That’s just a fact.”

The Governor expressed concerns about the messaging surrounding the 2024 election,

“I don’t think it’s fair. I don’t think these guys are on the up and up. I think it’s politically motivated. I think they’re abusing their power. But we win when we make the election about the American people. We win when we hold Biden accountable for his failures. We don’t win when the whole election is a referendum on all those other issues, and Biden is allowed to sit in the basement and not have to face any scrutiny.”

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Several other Republican officials have also proposed kicking Biden off the ballot this week. Immediately after the ruling, Lake County GOP Chair Anthony Sabatini posted to X, “Remove Biden from the Florida ballot now!”

In a statement to Fox News, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick suggested that Biden could be removed from the ballot in his state,

“Seeing what happened in Colorado makes me think—except we believe in democracy in Texas—maybe we should take Joe Biden off the ballot in Texas for allowing eight million people to cross the border since he’s been president disrupting our state,”

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