Conservative Watch USA Backs Andrew Gutmann For Congressional District 22

Today, the Andrew Gutmann for Congress campaign announced that Conservative Watch USA has endorsed him in the race for Florida’s 22nd Congressional District.


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West Palm Beach, Fla. – Today, the Andrew Gutmann for Congress campaign announced that Conservative Watch USA has endorsed him in the race for Florida’s 22nd Congressional District. Conservative Watch USA is a grassroots advocacy organization committed to preserving our U.S. Constitution and the conservative, commonsense principles at the heart of American greatness.

“Andrew Gutmann is the America-first, conservative candidate we need to bring sanity back to our federal government,” said Annie Marie Delgado, President of Conservative Watch USA. “When he wrote the viral Brearley Letter over three years ago, he was just an involved parent rightfully incensed by the radical ideology being pushed on his impressionable young daughter in her private school, but now, he has become a champion for children and parents across the nation in the fight against the woke. We believe Andrew to be the only Republican candidate who can take on Lois Frankel in November and firmly stand up to the radical Left. That’s why Conservative Watch USA is more than happy to endorse Andrew Gutmann for Congressional District 22. ”

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“It is a privilege to have Conservative Watch USA backing me in this critical race for our state and nation,” said Andrew Gutmann. “We all know that Lois Frankel has been in power for far too long and has absolutely nothing to show for it. She has only made life harder for American families and led our country further down the road of destruction. Enough is enough. I’m the Republican candidate Congressional District 22 can count on to have the guts to push back against the establishment liberals in Washington who are working around the clock to hurt our children, dismantle our national security, and tank our economy. I refuse to sit idly by as America is in shambles. The time to fight is now.”

Andrew Gutmann authored the renowned Brearley Letter and has served as a Federal Reserve analyst, investment banker, entrepreneur, and software developer. He promises to stand up courageously and honestly for children and families, fight for constitutionally protected liberties, combat inflation and out-of-control debt, and be a steadfast supporter of America’s key allies, most importantly, Israel.

Gutmann also sees himself as a political refugee who, like so many thousands of other Americans, fled from the progressive mismanagement of Democrat-controlled states and settled in the free state of Florida. Gutmann is determined to get to work for the people of Palm Beach County, which is experiencing an economic, cultural, and population boom. Gutmann believes that West Palm Beach, in particular, has the opportunity to become America’s financial capital as Wall Street’s financial services firms continue to flee New York.

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