Congressman Jerry Nadler Opposes to Saying Pledge of Allegiance, Gaetz Schools Him

Congressman Jerry Nadler, D-NY, doesn’t feel like saying the pledge of allegiance. During a Wednesday hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz proposed the committee open with the pledge of allegiance. Nadler dismissed the idea.

“I would oppose it,” Nadler responded. “I don’t know why we should pledge allegiance twice in the same day to show how patriotic we are. I don’t think this is the most important amendment in the world.”

Gaetz introduced the amendment arguing that it would be a unifying act and would grant “the ability to invite inspirational constituents… to share and lead in the pledge.”

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Hank Johnson, D-GA, rushed to Nadler’s defense, insinuating that many republicans on the committee were disloyal because of how they voted after January 6.

David Cicilline, D-RI, took it a step further, saying he would amend Gaetz’s amendment to prohibit any “insurrectionists” from reciting the pledge.

“This pledge is an affirmation of your defense of democracy and the Constitution… it’s hard to take that claim seriously if in fact, an individual in any way supported an insurrection against the government.”

Gatez said, “I’m concerned that you may be disqualifying too many of your own members.”

After Gaetz had made his case, several other republicans on the committee chimed in.

“Stand up, put our hand on our chest, say what we believe, and reaffirm this America that we love. Come on. This can’t be real. I can’t believe we’re having this debate,” said Jeff Van Drew, R-NJ.

“The least we can do is to pay homage,” Wesley Hunt said after recalling his childhood reciting the pledge. “Democrat or Republican, we are in this together. That flag is the one thing that unites us.”

Gaetz had made an identical proposal one year ago to the committee, much to the annoyance of its democrat members. House Democrats went as far as to mock the idea on a hot mic.

“Standing for the American flag isn’t controversial. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance isn’t a waste of time.” Gaetz said about the hearing in a Daily Caller interview, “Democrats are so outraged at the idea of a daily dose of patriotism that they spent 30 minutes ranting and raving in opposition. Congress cannot expect the American people to believe they are fighting for their values when they don’t even care to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.”

The debate lasted for an hour before the congressmen had exhausted themselves.

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David Cicilline’s amendment to prohibit “insurrectionists” from reciting the pledge failed by 24-13. Gaetz took home a win, with a unanimous 39-0 voting for the amendment. The committee then held a hearing about the Biden Border crisis, national security, and the fentanyl epidemic. Its new chairman, Jim Jordan, started the hearing by suggesting the Biden administration intentionally created the southern border crisis.

As the subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government gets off the ground, more heated exchanges are expected to follow.

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