Boynton Beach Commissioners Find Loophole To Give Themselves Money, Residents Furious

Being a city commissioner is billed as a part-time job meant to serve the people. It has never been suggested to be a full-time career, but many in the office feel the work is much more time-consuming than expected and feel they should earn more money. The Boynton Beach Commission could increase their salaries by allowing residents a say. Rather than take the risk of an embarrassing possible “no” vote, they’ve found loopholes allowing them to bypass voter input. 

Top L-R: Mayor Ty Penserga and Commissioner Angela Cruz, District 1.  Bottom L-R: Vice Mayor Thomas Turkin, District III, Commissioner Woodrow L. Hay, District II, and Commissioner Aimee Kelley, District IV

Boynton Beach Commissioner is a part-time job serving the city that may be a lot more work than some realize. Residents could vote on a charter amendment to give the elected officials a pay raise, but a loophole would allow them to vote to raise their personal expense accounts for items such as wardrobes and cars.

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Boynton Beach City commissioners have found a loophole to give themselves a significant salary increase. The commissioners are considering increasing their expenses in the 2024 budget for such things as wardrobe expenses for thousands of dollars and vehicle expenses, which have left some residents hopping mad over what they see as an outrageous use of tax dollars. On July 13th, CBS12 News reported the possible hefty pay raise for Fiscal Year 2024.

Outspoken resident Cindy Falco, a former candidate for the Boynton Beach commission, knows precisely the compensation for the position and described it as “highway robbery.

Another resident described it as “a greed-fueled sad comedy of errors.” 

Former Boynton Beach City Commissioner David Katz said,” I can tell you this is making people madder than a hound dog with a head cold.” 

Given that the salaries are currently $23,000 a year and the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2024 would give each city commissioner about $36,000 more per year, the upset over this is understandable. For the first time, the proposed budget would provide city commissioners a $51,000 car allowance, an office stipend of about $71,000 a year, and a clothing allowance of $17,500 a year – all of which they would split five ways.

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Resident Billy Cunningham told Florida Jolt that he went to the meeting to speak out on a different issue but feels the commissioners should get a raise. He thinks that commissioners representing the city should dress a certain way and drive nice cars. Still, he feels the voters should be allowed to decide, not the commissioners themselves. “The commissioners work hard, and they should get a raise. Given the opportunity, I’m all for it and would vote for it. They can use the raise to buy whatever they want, but to use a loophole to raise their expense accounts to get around the voters isn’t right.” 

“Nobody gets a pay raise of $36,400, and they sure as heck don’t need  it,” David Katz told CBS12 News.

“This is a part-time job that they’ve chosen to run for. They’ve gotten elected. This is public service. This is not something to ingratiate themselves and line their pockets with. There’s no need for it,” he said.

One resident who wishes to remain anonymous said;

“Some residents can’t afford a car allowance to begin, and given that Boynton Beach is 16 square miles, why should the commissioners have one? Every single elected lives within 3 miles of city hall. Commissioner Turkin lives within a two-minute walk of city hall. Currently, each commissioner gets their salary plus five hundred dollar monthly expenses, paid as income. No receipts or reimbursement is required. There’s no conceivable way to justify that car allowance. The clothes allowance seems comical. This is Boynton Beach, not the Oscars.” 

The city commission still has to vote to approve the city budget. It is unclear when this vote will take place, but what is clear is that residents need to be aware of what’s happening and voice their thoughts now. Getting a pay raise isn’t wrong or undeserved. The problem is how the commission has chosen to go about doing this. They’re taking the decision out of the hands of the people who elected them. They’re the ones who will be footing the bill. Let them make the decision. Using stipends and alliances is a loophole and scam against the residents.

Official Contact Information For Boynton City Commissioners 

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