10 Companies that politically conservative investors should avoid: #10

This is a countdown of the ten worst companies that conservative investors should avoid.

While many or most of the Fortune 500 companies engage in “woke” corporate practices, some are more aggressive than others. Rubin Wealth Advisors, in conjunction with William Flaig, portfolio manager at American Conservative Value Fund has identified the ten of the worst companies.

Investors can’t completely avoid placing their funds into all woke companies, but they can avoid investing in the worst of the offenders.

Ten Woke Companies that Politically Conservative Investors Should Avoid:

  1. Alphabet– GOOG
  2. Starbucks – SBUX
  3. Apple – AAPL
  4. Amazon – AMZN
  5. Comcast – CMCSA
  6. AT&T – T
  7. Nike – NKE
  8. Meta (Facebook) – FB
  9. Bank of America – BAC
  10. Disney – $DIS

Everyone knows who Google is, at least sort of.  The search engine giant has become so popular it has turned itself from a company name into an actual verb (I Googled it.).  Its name is also attached to advertising, smartphones, and digital payment wallets.  Google is everywhere.

It is even in more places than you might think.  Google is only one silo under the publicly traded company Alphabet (NASDAQ stock symbol).  Alphabet also owns YouTube, Fitbit, Mandiant (cyber security), Looker (business intelligence software), Nest (smart home products), Waze (mobile navigation), and DoubleClick (that’s the advertising arm).

Alphabet has found a way to completely encircle the digital landscape.  As an end-user of virtually anything, it is nearly impossible to escape daily engagement with at least some portion of the Google empire.  As an investor, however, it is easy to escape them, and here are a few reasons why you should.

  • YouTube has been a well noted suppressor of not just conservative political content, but also of content they deem to be “misinformation.” It has been this section of their five-part community guidelines that they have invoked to censor everything from reporting on 2020 election interference to treatments for COVID-19, to factual reporting about Hunter Biden and his ties to corruption in Ukraine and China.
  • In 2020, Google blocked the conservative site, ZeroHedge, from receiving ad revenue because of its reporting on the Black Lives Matters’ riots. They also warned The Federalist that they could face the same fate for their reporting.  Other sites and political celebrities have faced a similar fate.  Advertising dollars are the lifeline for political content.
  • In 2018, Google fired engineer Kevin Cernekee for what Cernekee contends was expressing his conservative political beliefs. Also in 2018, former Google engineer James Damore filed a suit against Google alleging discrimination against white, male employees.
  • Countless conservative journalists have shared with me that Google suppresses search results for conservative information and resources. Routine queries that might be found on the first page of DuckDuckGo as an example, may not show on Google anywhere on the first 3-5 pages, if at all.  Information found on Breitbart is particularly difficult to find in Google searches.  This practice has been reported in the WSJ and other publications.
  • In its 2019 acquisition of Fitbit, Alphabet gained access to health data for millions of users causing many to abandon their favorite wristlet. The company already collects data from users on their search history, YouTube viewing, and geographic location.  The Fitbit acquisition only increases its reach.

It isn’t just that Alphabet accumulates lots of your personal data, it is that have demonstrated repeatedly that they are willing to actively suppress, which means attack, conservative content, and the providers of that content.  This makes them public enemy number one in terms of companies that should not receive the investment of conservative-earned dollars.

A publicly traded company that is so thoroughly woven throughout the mosaic of daily American lives cannot be supported in its efforts to deny fair access to at least half of the population.  More important than its denial of access and its collection of information is its clearly demonstrated willingness to act punitively toward anyone who doesn’t support its woke agenda.   Their power is significant.  While Alphabet might like to consider itself an information company, they are more of misinformation, disinformation, and missing information company when it comes to conservatives.

Don’t let Alphabet and its various-owned entities benefit from your investment dollars.  There are other ways to find a good return in the marketplace.  Just remember, that when you search for those alternative investments, don’t use Google.  They likely will not direct your conservative dollars to the right location.

This article originally appeared on The Rubin Report and has been published here with permission.

William Flaig, Portfolio Manager, American Conservative Value Fund

Rubin Wealth Advisors

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