YouTube Censors Rubio Interview, Says Hamas Criticism ‘Hate Speech’

YouTube is working overtime to censor a recent interview with Senator Marco Rubio, where he calls out Hamas for their violent attack against Israel and refers to them as “ideological psychopaths” and “savages.” The online video platform condemned Rubio’s words as “hate speech” over the weekend and has already deleted the interview from the Senator’s account and the conservative news site ‘Florida’s Voice.’

Last week, Rubio appeared on Fox Business with host Larry Kudlow. The Florida Senator discussed the recent violent attacks against Israelis and condemned Hamas for the bloodshed around Gaza.

“And they would if they could, not just kill every Jew they can get their hands on, they would kill Americans in the process as well, and in fact they openly call for that. We should start believing these people on what they say,” Rubio told Kudlow.

“We need to start waking up and saying, we could project all the Western attributes we want, on Iran, on Hamas and on groups like that. But these guys are ideological psychopaths, and they’re savages,” he added.

The Senator’s comments did not sit well with YouTube, and the company struck down the video as violating its “hate speech” policy.

On Friday, ‘Florida’s Voice’ announced that a video of the interview entitled “RUBIO: Western ideals WON’T WORK on ‘savage’ terrorist groups” had been deleted from their channel. An email from YouTube said,

“Content that incites hatred against individuals or groups based on their protected group status isn’t allowed on YouTube. This may include dehumanization, using slurs and stereotypes, inferiority claims, and/or conspiracy theories,”

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A report from ‘Florida Politics’ on Sunday later confirmed that a video of the interview had also been removed from Rubio’s own YouTube channel for the same reasons.

“Apparently [YouTube, Google] has decided that calling Hamas terrorists who burned babies & raped girls ‘savages’ is dehumanizing ‘hate speech,’” the Senator tweeted in response

A portion of the interview was also uploaded to YouTube, where it has been allowed to remain.

“What’s the strategy these guys have always used? They attack Israel, they kill a bunch of Israelis. And then they retreat and go into hiding in their tunnels, you know, behind the human shields in Gaza. And then Israel responds, and then they go to the cameras. They go to the New York Times, they go to the global press, they go to Western elites, and they say ‘look at what the Israelis are doing.’ And then everyone puts pressure on Israel to stop them. We saw that play out in 2021 by the way. This time has to be different.”

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So far, over 1,300 Israelis and 30 Americans have been killed in the violent attacks by Hamas. Over the weekend, Rubio joined calls by Governor Ron DeSantis to block the importing of Palestinian refugees. In a press release, Rubio stated,

“America is the most generous nation on earth, but we cannot allow foreign nationals who support terrorist groups like Hamas and march in our streets calling for ‘intifada’ to enter or stay in our country,”

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