Young Bear Cub Does Grocery Run at Naples Publix

When it comes to wild customer stories, Publix in Naples just may have stolen the show. We’ve all been there, perhaps running in for a last-minute item, trying not to lose our bearings among the towering shelves of canned goods and aisles of refrigerated produce. However, the situation reached a new level of wildness when an actual bear decided to do a little shopping of its own.

Early Tuesday morning at Naples Lakes Village Center, the suburban tranquility was perturbed when the unexpected happened – a young bear nonchalantly waltzed past the Publix Super Market entrance. In a world where animals frolicking in the urban setting have become an internet delight, Naples now has its own furry viral star. And no, it wasn’t looking for Goldilocks or even the three cheaper off-brand varieties.

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Regular Publix patron, Valeria Jiminez, was astoundingly quick on the draw, capturing a video of the bear’s casual promenade as she was about to leave. Reflecting on her early morning encounter, Jiminez told FOX 35 News, “It was definitely a weird way to start my morning,” leading us to wonder – what exactly does one wear for an unexpected rendezvous with a bear?

This isn’t the first bear sighting in the Sunshine State this week, hinting at a trending “bear walk.” Before the Publix star, another young bear had decided to take a break in downtown Orlando’s Lake Eola Park, perfectly perched high in a tree like a picnic-loving Yogi Bear, much to the astonishment of park visitors.

Encounters with the Florida black bear, a subspecies found throughout the state, aren’t unheard of. However, recent urban sightings during their mating season (June through August) have changed Florida’s diverse wildlife narrative. Many blame increasing deforestation for new developments in various areas, a real estate boom pushing bears out of their homes and, apparently, into the nearest Publix.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reminded the public last week that with bears moving into new territories, the best thing we can do is “Give them plenty of space and let them move along on their own,” a statement from Mike Orlando, the FWC bear management program coordinator. No matter how much you want to share your trendy ‘Pub Sub’ with your new furry friend, it’s better to keep those mouth-watering subs to yourself.

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The bear invasion has highlighted the importance of preserving Florida’s wildlife habitats. As amusing as it is to witness a bear casually saunter into a supermarket, the underlying message is critical – these bears need our help to reclaim their natural space.

So, next time you find yourself at Publix, remember you’re not just there for the legendary Pub-Sub. You might also share the aisles with some of Florida’s displaced native fauna. Perhaps they’ve heard the chatter about the irresistible subs or the “buy one, get one free” deal on honey.

To all the bears keen on trying the famous Pub Sub, remember, opting for delivery is always better (and safer). Keep the adventures to the forest, and let the humans handle the grocery runs. After all, we don’t want anyone bearing the brunt of a misadventure.

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