Yard Signs Republicans Should be Using

I listen to and watch Republican activists and candidates every day, and I do not hear a lot of message discipline, and that needs to change fast.

The November election is about the catastrophic policies of the Biden Administration that are destroying our economy.

Too many Republican candidates are running around talking gibberish and haven’t any message discipline.

Once again, my friend Alan Huber gets it. In the latest issue of Huber’s newsletter, GOP Made Simple, Huber suggests yard signs we should use.

“Joe Biden is causing ALL YOUR PAIN!!”

“Stop the suffering…. vote Republican”

“If billionaires can’t afford illegals…How can you?”

“2 years ago the homeless could eat at McDonald’s”

“Afraid to leave your home due to crime?

Blame the Democrats”

“Pedophilia should not be promoted in elementary school”

”How do 3 million illegal immigrants make life better for any American?”

”Do you think they lied about COVID?”

“Seniors… When Republicans ran the country,
you were not afraid of starving”

~Alan Huber

I have a few ideas of my own, I may order some signs myself. Call “Your Sign Guy” in Boca Raton at 561-843-0409 and get some you like. They do short and long-run yard sign orders. FJB and Let’s Go Brandon signs only make the other side want to come out and vote. The goal isn’t to indulge your emotions, the goal is to help elect Republicans. Be your own campaign.

Here are a few yard sign slogans I came up with.

We don’t fear the future here in Florida
Vote Republican

If you’re sick of Biden’s inflation, Vote Republican.

Keep Florida prosperous and free
Vote Republican

Don’t let Democrats destroy Florida’s vibrant economy
Vote Republican

If you think teachers shouldn’t talk to seven-year-old children about sex
Vote Republican

Save yourselves
Vote Republican

Your grandchildren will thank you for
Voting Republican

Biden hired 87,000 new IRS Agents
Vote Republican

Huber also dared to speak the truth not everyone wants to hear. I agree with him and urge every Republican who wants to win to consider these words carefully.

Keep the focus on Biden and the Democrats not Donald Trump. If we get out the vote, you can wave a Trump 2024 flag on November 9th ~Alan Huber

Stop talking about the past and look to November. If we don’t take the house back, more Trump supporters will end up getting visited by the FBI, and the next one could be you.

If you’re politically active and not helping to win the house back in November, you’re part of the problem.

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