Word Salad Kamala Visits California After Heavy Rains, Babbles like a Fool Again

Vice President Kamala Harris visited California after days of heavy rains and floods, but when put in front of a camera to talk about it, she could only speak in climate change buzzwords.

Kamala Harris

Harris visited the DWP facility in Sun Valley to see how LA captures rainwater after large storms but only briefly referenced the topic on camera, instead talking about handling water issues more broadly and vaguely tying in  the “climate crisis.”

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Dealing with the various issues that we are dealing with when we come across the climate crisis. The thing about water policy. Diversifying water policy. Understanding that we must have the ability to diversify our approach and our resources… We’re going to have days of immense water, of rain, of storms, of flooding. And then at the same time, we’re a state that has experienced for generations drought.”

-Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States

Harris went on to blame the seasonal winter storms on Climate Change. Harris then, immediately after, said that this dry-rainy cycle is a well-known generational matter.


“This plant, and this facility, in particular, is doing some of the smartest and the most contemporary kind of work that is necessary to store water, understanding that the climate crisis presents exactly what we’ve experienced here in California. We’re going to have days, and sometimes there will be days of immense water, of rains, of storms, of flooding. And at the same time we are a state that has experienced for generations drought.”

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Many on Twitter expressed their amusement at Harris’s jumbled phrasing, a long-standing characteristic of the former California Attorney.

Others went after Harris and California for their policies on weather events like this and climate change.

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