Women’s Only Spa Forced to Allow Trans Bio-Male Clients 

A women-only spa in Washington state has been forced by a court to allow biological male clients with a penis, even in areas where women walk naked. 

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The spa must now allow transgendered women who have not transitioned, which means that Washington has decided that gender is self-determined based on personal feelings rather than biological facts. 

One court case in Washington has rendered a legal decision that may answer the question, at least in that state, “What is a woman?” 

To be clear about what’s going on here. A Washington judge has ordered a women-only spa to accept transgender women who still have penises — even though this facility is where women walk around naked. If you feel offended by reading the word penis, think about how all of the ladies in the spa feel about having to see them, and to the rest of the sane world, a “woman with a penis” is an oxymoron. 

According to the NY Post; 

Seattle District Court Judge Barbara Jacobs Rothstein upheld a discrimination ruling against Olympus Spa filed by local trans activist Haven Wilvich, who claims to be “more woman” than many feminists who’re “only incidental.”

The traditional Korean Spa had maintained that its “women-only rule … is essential for the safety, legal protection, and well-being of our customers.”

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Here’s what makes the case interesting. The spa was willing to accept transgender women if they had undergone gender reassignment surgery. Until a hot second ago, this wasn’t even a question. A person who still had his biological parts was considered male, no matter how the person “felt.” Committing to the surgery was the bare minimum needed to make the leap.

Part of the confusion, which the woke call “bigotry,” is that societal rules and norms are being changed, and everyone should accept it. For example, gender has always meant male or female. The definition is being changed. Now it has a whole other meaning, which you’re not only expected to know but also supposed to accept. The new definition is a distinction between biological sex and gender. Biological sex and gender have always been the same, but now the definitions have changed. 

The way it’s now being explained is that when you’re born, what sex you are is your biological sex. The new rule is that this biological sex isn’t necessarily your gender which is now defined as something you decide for yourself whenever you want to. 

Some people accept the new definitions and look at gender as either nonexistent or self-determining, but most see confusion about biological reality as mental illness. There’s even a name for it, gender dysphoria. 

We’ve been watching this battle unfold, and the only clear thing is that the question of “what is a woman” is being determined from state to state. This mind-blowing fact is something out of a dystopian novel. 

The person who forced this issue in Washington is an activist who seems to despise and resent real women. “Zee” insisted on making a point and won. Wilvich’s gleeful response in the NY Post article;

 “I did it!” Wilvich had posted at the time, celebrating getting “the main naked lady spa in the area to change their policies and allow all self-identified women access regardless of surgery and genitals.”

In her ruling, the judge made a decision that may officially change life as we know it. She noted that the WSHRC defines “sexual orientation” as those whose “gender identity, self-image, appearance, behavior, or expression is different from that traditionally associated with the sex assigned to that person at birth.”

In Washington state, the answer to “What is a Woman” is anyone who says they are. 

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