Wives Lie to Husbands About Shopping

My friend has a whole spiel she gives her husband to justify buying something costly. It goes like this.

“I can wear this with anything. It will never go out of style. I’ll have this for the rest of my life.”

I’ve heard her say these lines at least half a dozen times. Her husband always smiles and nods and says, ok. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and asked him if he’s ever picked up on his wife’s shopping justification in all these years. Of course, he has. He plays the game.

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This got me thinking about the lies wives tell their husbands to justify their shopping habits. We all do it. It doesn’t matter if you have your own money or earn your own money. Most women love to buy things, and men don’t. As my husband says, “what is it with women and shopping?”

I should point out that no woman will allow me to use their name in this article. They happily told me about their lying but refused to let the world know who they were.

I asked another friend, who refuses to be named, to tell me her big lie. When her husband says, “when did you buy these shoes?” Her response is, “these aren’t new. I’ve had them for three years.” Everyone has done this. I’m no stranger to the “I’ve had this dress forever” story.

I’ll tell my husband I bought these three years ago. He’ll never know.

Have you ever heard of a basic? A basic is something you always wear. In colder weather, a basic of mine is s a black turtleneck. For others, it’s a white button-down shirt or jeans. The result of this is buying things like this in bulk. The justification? “This is a basic. I need these. This is what I always wear.” I heard one woman tell her husband about “cost per wear” and “return on investment.” That couple probably met in business school.

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This woman had to buy 20 pairs of jeans. They’re a basic.

Another common lie? “That stuff isn’t for me; it’s for the kids.” Husbands, don’t fall for it. Your wife just decided to buy that hat, and that’s what’s in the bag.

She didn’t buy that hat for “the kids.”

This next one shocked me because it never occurred to me to do it. Many women lie about Botox and other beauty treatments. I assumed this was a vanity thing. It turns out that it’s a money thing. They don’t want their husbands to know how much they spend on these treatments. Husbands, I won’t lie to you. It was expensive. Why does your 70-year-old wife look like she’s in her 50s? Do you think she’s got the picture of Dorian Grey in a drawer somewhere, magically keeping her young?

She doesn’t look like this because of “great genes.” This is Botox, an expensive treatment many women lie to their husbands about.

What do you tell your husband about your shopping habits? Don’t lie. We know you do it. Please drop a comment below to tell us.

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