Who’s Your Daddy? – Aquarium Stingray Pregnant With No Male in Sight

Third-wave feminists and Democrats have long claimed that women don’t need men to survive, and it turns out that they may be on to something. According to NBC, a female stingray named Charlotte is pregnant at a North Carolina aquarium. No male stingrays are in the tank, leaving all to wonder, how did this happen? Was it a lonely aquarium staffer? Was it magic? Did a mad scientist inject DNA into the stingray to see what would happen, just like in the old, oddly compelling movie, “Splice?” The answer could be much more exciting but no less twisted. 

Who’s the daddy? Questions have been raised about an aquarium pregnant stingray named Charlotte because no males are in the tank.

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The Aquarium & Shark Lab by Team ECCO in Hendersonville announced on Facebook its stingray Charlotte was expecting and gave two possible explanations for the fishy phenomenon. 

One way is a very rare process called parthenogenesis, in which the eggs develop independently without fertilization and create a clone of the mother, according to BJ Ramer, founder and director of the aquarium.

Ramer told NBC affiliate WRAL that they began doing ultrasounds on Charlotte in September when she started to “swell.” The aquarium’s vet identified the growth as eggs and noted that despite the absence of a male ray, “there have been few cases of parthenogenesis in rays.”

The second explanation for Charlotte’s pregnancy is a bit more weird science. Ramer said the stingray may have mated with a male shark added to the tank in July.

Pregnant stingray Charlotte could be giving birth to cloned versions of herself, a half-shark hybrid, or possibly something more sinister. Only time and DNA will tell.

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A baby stingray is called a pup. Charlotte is believed to be carrying up to four pups. But who knows what this pup could look like? Charlotte could end up with identical baby charlottes, some shark-stingray hybrid, or a stingray with an oddly human-looking face. A DNA test will be performed when the pups are born, and we’ll have all the answers then. 

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