Whoopi Goldberg Says Pledge of Allegiance is ‘A Waste of Time’

The View co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin short-circuited live on air over the idea that congressmen – the voices of the American people – might be made to say the pledge of allegiance before proceedings. Goldberg and Hostin’s crazed, hour-long program followed another hour-long debate in congress, following a simple request from Congressman Matt Gaetz: that his fellow Judiciary Committee members please pledge allegiance with him.

“What is this waste of time?” Goldberg asked her co-host.

“Congress has already been saying the Pledge of Allegiance at work every day since 1988… But Gaetz ended up passing – his passed without opposition. Again, it was something that already happens every day when folks walk in and they start their day. That’s what they do.”

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Goldberg continued, stammering,

“You know, this– You know, people– I don’t know what it’s going to take for them to recognize that people don’t– They’re not– we’re not fooling around. The people of the United States are not fooling around. You’ve wasted everybody’s time suggesting your people do what they already do.”

Congressman Jerry Nadler Opposes to Saying Pledge of Allegiance, Gaetz Schools Him

Whoopi Goldberg is an expert on wasted time. Millions of Americans watch her show every week. For democrats, government efficiency is suddenly a key issue concerning a 31-word pledge to America.

“I don’t know– I don’t know. And this is the Judiciary Committee. Right? So, wouldn’t it be a better show of patriotism to be working on issues like police violence, mass shootings, prison reform?” Goldberg asked.

Sunny Hostin jumped in,

“A lot of those folks that have been newly appointed to that committee are hypocrites. The problem I have is with this narrative of American exceptionalism that we’ve been taught since we were kids. I mean, I said the Pledge of Allegiance all through my life in school. When I got into college, I took an African American history course. And I started realizing that the actual Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t apply to a lot of our citizens.”

Hostin said that America was not an exceptional country and had not met its dream of being “a beacon on the hill.”
“And so, I think, the Supreme Court has already ruled you can’t force anyone to take the pledge. But I think until we really meet the promise of what this country could truly be, then we shouldn’t be touting us out as exceptionalists.”

Co-host and occasional Republican Alyssa Farah Griffin was the only one that pushed back,

“The one thing I would say is loving your country is not saying your country is perfect… There’s a little bit of this narrative of, ‘Europe’s got it all together, we’re a big mess.’ I will just point out, France bans the burka.. China, the competing global superpower against the U.S., currently has Uighur Muslims in concentration camps as we speak… Iran is killing women and protesters for not wearing the hijab properly and by the way, some countries in Eastern Europe, criminalized homosexuality until very recently.”

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Goldberg still insisted that Americans were losing the “freedom to learn about different people,” taking a swipe at recent education reforms.

Gaetz’s amendment to the Judiciary Committee rules passed unanimously 39-0.

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