Whoopi Calls Conservatives ‘Snowflakes’ For Stanford Outrage-Protesters ‘We hope your daughter gets raped.’

Whoopi Goldberg mocked conservatives as “snowflakes” on Monday during a segment of The View about a Stanford Law student protest that saw a federal judge shouted off campus. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Kyle Duncan had been invited to campus by the school’s Federalist Society chapter but was disrupted by protesters who accused him of racism, demanded his removal, and even called for his daughter to be raped. Goldberg, however, said conservatives were ultimately responsible for the chaos since they had protested Biden’s State of the Union address.

“So, the university sent Judge Duncan an apology letter claiming staff and students acted inappropriately,” Goldberg told her co-hosts. “But I think back to the State of the Union, and this is what we’re teaching people to do; we’re teaching people how to be inappropriate—yelling at the president of the United States. Calling him a liar. Doing all these things that now our students are saying, ‘well, if it’s okay for you to do it and you’re supposed to be a lawmaker, I feel the same way because this is my right.'”

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Goldberg then suggested that conservative “snowflakes” must get used to dealing with “nasty” disagreements.

“So, maybe all the snowflakes in the world need to get over the fact that people are going to disagree with them… Everybody has to understand this is how, this is how we live. We don’t all agree. We do disagree and it’s your right to stand up and say, ‘hey, I don’t agree’… We show them the nasty part now.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin then jumped in, lauding the protest as a shining example of freedom of speech and criticizing Duncan for not handling the abuse better.

“For me what was so offensive is that one of the first classes you take in law school in constitutional law teaches you about the freedom of speech. And college and law school is a wonderful place to have this exchange of ideas. It gets heated sometimes… And that’s the part that I like. I like the Q&A. I mean, you know, come at me. Let’s have those discussions because that is what the free exchange of ideas is about.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin then jumped in, lauding the protest as a shining example of freedom of speech and criticizing Duncan for not handling the abuse better. Click to Tweet

Video of the protest showed protesters shouting down Duncan and preventing him from speaking. Students called the judge a “liar” and a “scumbag.” After a diversity, equity, and inclusion administrator joined in, the marshals escorted Duncan out of the room.

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“We have a clip of what this judge, when he was exercising his free speech, said to one of the students,” Hostin continued, sharing a video of Duncan referring to a protester as an “appalling idiot.” Witnesses say protesters had called for Duncan’s daughter to be raped moments before, but Hostin said Duncan’s response was “beneath” his office.

“So, he called her an ‘appalling idiot.’ I think that’s beneath the dignity of a judge. I think when you have a younger law student come to you, and I’ve had some of them really kind of heckle me and attack me. And I’m like, all right, ‘you done? Let me respond.’ That’s the free exchange of ideas that we should have seen here and he couldn’t do it.”

“This is a federal judge. He should be able to use his words pretty well,”  she added.

Co-host Ana Navarro wrapped up the segment by saying that Republicans should expect harassment if they choose to speak at a college campus.

Listen, if you don’t want to get challenged, if you don’t want to get heckled, go to a Republican convention, don’t go to a college.

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