Who won and who lost from DeSantis’ redistricting efforts

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis led Florida Republicans’ redistricting efforts, with DeSantis staffers drawing up the House map that will be used for the upcoming midterm elections and likely until the next Census.

Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeals upheld Governor Ron DeSantis’ proposed Congressional maps in May after a lower court said the map was unconstitutional.

“Based on a preliminary review, the court has determined there is a high likelihood that the temporary injunction is unlawful, because by awarding a preliminary remedy to the appellees’ on their claim, the order ‘frustrated the status quo, rather than preserved it,’” the appeals court said in its ruling.

Florida Democrats have complained that Rep. Al Lawson, D-Fl. will lose his seat in the redistricting process.  Lawson’s District originally favored black voters and gave Democrats a 12-point advantage.

Under the new map, the seat would give Republicans a 4-point advantage based on results from the 2020 Presidential election.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) specifically targeted DeSantis’ map, calling it ‘racist’ and ‘extreme’.

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“This is exactly what DeSantis wanted to accomplish with his extreme and racist gerrymander: sending dangerous far-right candidates to Congress who will push Republicans’ radical agenda,” said Nebeyatt Betre, a spokesperson for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Liberal media, for their part, openly boasted about gerrymandering attempts they made in April.  The most far-fetched example was in New York, where the State Supreme Court struck down the map and forced it to be rewritten.

Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini, one of Florida’s most conservative legislators, is well-positioned to win his primary for Florida’s 7th Congressional District.  The District was previously held by a Democrat but is now Republican-leaning after redistricting.  Sabatini explained at length what he would do when elected to Congress in a Florida Jolt interview.

Anna Paulina Luna, running in Florida’s 13th District, is another beneficiary of redistricting.  She is an Air Force veteran and worked for Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA before running for Congress.  The seat was held by Democrat Charlie Crist, who is currently running against DeSantis in the Florida Gubernatorial race.

Republicans are currently poised to hold as many as 20 of Florida’s 28 Congressional seats, according to 538.

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