Who controls you, and how they do it

The most precious thing for the power-hungry is the control of information. As such, tyranny has always focused efforts towards the networks where information is shared. Studying the management of networks is the key to understanding who holds power and how they intend to wield that power.

We can map out where the power centers are in our society. The most powerful and influential will focus on controlling information, leaving evidence of their actions.

I have mapped out the organizations involved in stopping unwanted ideas (censorship).[1] I will now map out those who emphasize wanted ideas (propaganda).

There is a software program called the Redirect Method. [2] It was developed by a particular category of leftist think tanks called counter-violent extremists (CVEs). It targets certain internet users and then alters what they see online. Ultimately, the goal is to convert users to specific ways of thinking. It accomplishes this task by changing the link of an ad or a search result of a targeted user. More concisely: 

The Redirect Method: [2]

1. Tracks users,

2. Profiles them based on their real-time input or data history,

3. Categorizes them into unique “cohorts,” and finally

4. Tailors the ad feeds of these users.

This program falls under the broader category of CounterSpeech Initiatives.

To date, the vast majority of counterspeech has been launched one of three ways; (1) through existing organic networks, (2) through ads marketing tooling, or (3) through search term redirection. [3] 

Not all ads are ads, and not all search results are purely algorithmic. Since ads fund social media platforms and search engines, the assumption is that the public will assume that the ads that have shown up are organic, as opposed to a manipulation scheme. At least, this is the case for tech platforms that team up with the CVE community.

The process is complete once the user clicks on the tampered link or search result, in which case an article or video will emerge. This article or video is always leftist indoctrination, often far-left indoctrination. I have read through the source code of the Redirect Method (the original is open-sourced, so there is no denying its existence, and anyone can see the original program’s code). I have read through the dozens of existing CVE reports that analyzed the effectiveness of the Redirect Method. I have found all major developers and their partners.

I have yet to find an instance where internet users were being redirected to something other than leftist indoctrination.

The CVE community is constantly honing the Redirect Method to more reliably track users and refine the audience that is being targeted to maximize the number of clicks. Many of the organizations involved tailor courses and training modules to the youth and mentally ill, but that is a topic for a future article.

Many organizations are involved in the process. I have provided a complete list of those I have tracked down below. The task performed by each organization is listed, of which there are five major tasks:

Developer – these organizations develop the software and techniques involved in the Redirect Method or Counter Speech initiatives.

Host – these organizations are the tech platforms that host the software/technique. The program is limited by how many venues host it and how significant the networks are of those hosts. In summary, the more dominant the tech platform that hosts the software, the more people will be manipulated.

Enabler – these groups produce research papers over extremism, terrorism, and hate crimes to justify controlling information and people. These papers tend to be scientifically and academically flawed (for a proper critique, click here).

Proselytizer – these groups develop a training module used in the final step of the process. Placing people in front of these proselytizers is the entire purpose of the Redirect Method. It is critical to examine what the proselytizers are trying to teach the redirected audiences. Is it far-leftism, Marxism, anti-freedom, or some other terrible set of ideas?

Sponsors – These are often government agencies or private sector investors. This group provides the funding.

  • Adapt [enabler] [4]
  • Adyan Institute [enabler, proselytizer] [3]
  • American University [proselytizer] [5]
  • Anti-Defamation League [developer, enabler] [6]
  • Beringea [sponsor] [7]
  • Bing [host] [3]
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) [enabler] [6]
  • Center for the Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR) [enabler] [8]
  • Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism [enabler] [9][10]
  • ConnectFutures [proselytizer] [3][9]
  • Department of Homeland Security [enabler, sponsor] [5]
  • European Derad Toolkit [developer, enabler] [8]
  • Facebook [host] [3]
  • Galop [enabler] [8]
  • Google Search [host] [3]
  • Hope Not Hate [enabler] [8]
  • iamhere [enabler, proselytizer] [8]
  • Instagram [host] [11]
  • Institute for Democracy and Civil Society [enabler] [8]
  • Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) [enabler] [9][12]
  • International Center on Security and Violent Extremism (ICSVE) [enabler, proselytizer] [3][13]
  • International Organization for Migration [proselytizer, enabler] [14]
  • Jigsaw [developer] 9
  • Life After Hate, ExitUSA, ExitAustralia [proselytizers] [3][9]
  • Media Diversity Institute [proselytizers] [8]
  • Mercia [sponsor] [7]
  • Moonshot [developer, enabler] [3]
  • Newlines Institute [enabler] [15][16]
  • Terra Toolkit [proselytizer] [8]
  • Textgain [developer] [8]
  • The Campaign Toolkit [enabler] [8]
  • Twitter [host] [3][14]
  • Soufon Center [enabler] [15]
  • Swedish Defense Research Agency [enabler, developer] [8]
  • USAID (US intelligence conglomerate) [proselytizer, enabler] [5][14]
  • The White House [enabler] [5]
  • Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars [enabler] [14]
  • Youtube [host] [3]
  • Zivilcourage und Anti Rassismus-Arbeit (ZARA) [enabler] [8]

Take note of who shows up in this list. Several of these groups consult governments, intelligence agencies, and the defense sector. Others are obscure nonprofits, while virtually every major social media organization is on the list. The giant search engines Google and Bing are on the list. A disturbing portion of the list is the government agencies themselves. I am sure the reader noticed The White House and the Department of Homeland Security (I found some jumbled, plain-text files on the DHS’s site that I was not meant to find, and certainly not meant to use a keyword search on). USAID made the list and is a conglomerate of intelligence agencies.

After seeing this impressive list, some readers may ask: (1) Is far-right extremism, violent white supremacy, and minority hate crimes significant? After all, (2) why would these influential organizations be so keenly interested in developing techniques to combat these threats? I suspect that I know the answer to the 2nd question, but I know the answer to the 1st. I have read countless intelligence agency reports, policy research centers, and academic papers on the subject of extremism and terrorism. I have also conducted my data collection, empirical analysis, and scientific report writing. I know bad from good research, and any post-2010 reports written over these topics are comically flawed with a few exceptions, such as the Institute for Economics and Peace (2019). I have analyzed hate crime data and total violent crime data as well. Much of my analyses have been published elsewhere, but in short:

You are mathematically more likely to die from lightning strikes in North America and Oceana than far-right groups. [15]

Hate crime offenders make up less than 1 in 82,000 people in America.

One in six newlyweds is interracial or interethnic couples in America. Much more analysis on marriage and cohabitation data strongly suggests that America is not hateful or racist. [17]

It has been proven that this massive control is not about security. This is about something else.

Stay tuned for:

  • A deep dive into the proselytizer group: the propaganda that governments, private sector think tanks, and powerful corporations want internet users to succumb to.
  • Other Counterspeech techniques
  • What the organizations in this list believe in
  • More details on US government involvement


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