What a Weeny – Nathan’s Dumps Joey Chestnut After Nutty Contract Dispute

Watching Nathan’s hot dog eating contest has become a July 4th tradition considered as beloved as eating hot dogs. Joey Chestnut has been the mustard belt champion of the MLE (Major League Eating) competition since 2007 when he beat out Japanese legend Takeru “Tsunami” Kobayashi. He’s been relishing that victory ever since and breaking records. He wolfed down an astonishing seventy-six hot dogs and buns in 2021. It seemed like the world was his oyster, but something unthinkable happened. In a move that can only be described as nutty, Chestnut signed a two hundred thousand dollar contract with Impossible Foods to hock fake lab-produced vegan hot dogs made from plants. Nathan’s said hold the mustard; you’re out.

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Chestnut had a good gig going. He was paid $200,000 to appear in Nathan’s contest in 2023 and was offered a 1.2 million-dollar contract in the future. It sounds like a great gig, but he blew it. What a weeny. 

For some unknown reason, which could lead one to believe that years of hot dog eating have caused some brain rot, Chestnut is stunned by this turn of events and doesn’t understand what the problem is. 

As the NY Post put it,

It’s like endorsing Coke only to turn around and sign with Pepsi, thinking it would be kosher. 

The two sides could still come to a resolution before July 4th, but it depends on Joey, an insider said. He’s the Michael Jordan of competitive eating. But imagine if Michael Jordon said to Nike, “I love being the face of Nike, but I want to do commercials for Adidas too,” a source said. 

This is just a depressing turn of events. MLE issued a statement saying they’re devastated, but the contest will go on. Geoffry Esper, who came in second place in 2023 for eating forty-nine hot dogs and buns, is the one most are saying will be this year’s champion. 

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Joey Chestnut is an American icon, but one of the things everyone loves about the hot dog eating contest is that it’s something disgusting yet fun to watch for the whole family, and it’s non-political. Plant-based food is just sad, and it doesn’t feel all-American. 

But we may still get a chance to see the wiener king again. If you’re dying to watch Joey Chestnut compete again, Netflix is reportedly sponsoring an epic September 2nd event, “Chestnut vs. Kobayashi: Unfinished Beef.”

That’s right, eating champion legends Chestnut and former champion and rival Kobayashi will compete for wurst eater. Hot diggity dog! 

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