‘We Spy on Them, They Spy on Us’ – Whoopi Forgives China for Spying on Americans

There are few shows on television more committed to hating America than ‘The View,’ which is probably why its hosts spent Monday running cover for the Chinese Communist Party.

While the now-vaporized Chinese spy balloon makes its rounds in the news cycle, co-host Whoopi Goldberg says she doesn’t get what the big deal is,

“Listen, we spy on them. They spy on us. We find out stuff. They find out stuff. You know. And the world keeps going around.”

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In other words, the problem isn’t that the Chinese violated U.S. air space for over a week straight without interruption; the problem is that Americans dared to notice.

“Look. Look,” said co-host Ana Navarro. “I think this was about China sending a message, right? And that is a serious issue because I think they are establishing themselves… as now a major world power. And they want to show their strength.”

Navarro manages to get it right in the first half but then decides that this is still somehow the fault of republicans.

“They [China] love this. They love that Republicans turned this into this big drama. You know, that there’s senators and people shooting, pointing guns.”

Navarro also took a swipe at Senator Marco Rubio for saying that Joe Biden should have had the balloon shot down sooner. Once again, it isn’t the fault of the Chinese for sending the balloon, and it isn’t the fault of Joe Biden for letting it happen, but it is the fault of republicans for pointing it out.

Co-host Sunny Hostin then repeated claims that there were more Chinese spy balloons during the Trump administration that the 45th president did not know about and failed to deal with. Hostin suggested that the reason Trump did not know was that military command did not trust him.

“You know, I think that the reason that perhaps Trump didn’t know – because Trump is now tweeting, of course, on his fake social media thing… he would have shot it down. He didn’t know about it.

I think because he didn’t trust his military advisers, I don’t think they trusted him with sensitive information and perhaps they had it and didn’t share it. We’ve had many military officials come out and say, ‘We couldn’t trust Trump with the information so we provided less and less briefings because he didn’t want to read that much anyway.’”

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Hostin’s theory would mean that senior military officials hid crucial information from the President of the United States. Sara Haines seemed disturbed by the suggestion and questioned Hostin, who insisted that military leadership must have known and couldn’t trust Trump.

“The bottom line is, there’s a process for this, Haines said. “To me, if that was their way of diverting and saying, ‘Oh, it’s happened before,’ you actually are showing me a bigger problem.”

Trump and several senior White House officials have denied that any Chinese balloons trespassed into the United States during their administration.

Alyssa Farah Griffin was the only one on the program that seemed to feel the Biden administration shared any responsibility over the incident.

“I actually think Beijing is celebrating today,” She said. Griffin suggested that the balloon used “satellite imagery and all of that” to spy on U.S. nuclear missile silos in Montana. “It went completely across the country, and for it not to be shot down before it got to the other side, that’s a victory. Beijing lives for these moments of shows of force against the U.S.”

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The balloon first entered American airspace over Alaska on January 28. It was shot down off the coast of South Carolina on February 4 after traversing the length of the continental United States.


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