We Ask Marina Hofman of Mom’s for America – Did the Mom Vote Matter?

Florida Jolt was able to ask Marina Hofman, the President of Moms For America of Palm Beach County, a few questions about the Mom vote in this election.

Moms in Palm Beach County are standing up

Something has happened in Palm Beach County. We’ve seen an increasing movement toward common-sense values as voters from all backgrounds resonated with the Governor’s message of family values and have approved of his policies on education and safety.

I was honored to attend Governor DeSantis’s watch party in Tampa with a group of 25 from Moms For America Palm Beach County. The atmosphere was electric. We spoke to many moms in attendance who were overjoyed (some to the point of tears) at the implications of DeSantis’s reelection. It means freedom for our families.

I am a university professor, so I see up close the depression and anxiety that our youth struggle with. I am also a homeschool mom of a four-year-old directly impacted by the policies on education and parental rights.

Why did moms support DeSantis?

Moms care a lot about their children—as do grandmas, aunts, sisters, and women who may not have children—we care about our children and the children of this county. We have seen the destructive impact of government policies on our children. There are children who still can’t talk because they missed out on the natural process of learning to speak and watching people’s mouths—anyone who visits a local park sees that the devasting social and intellectual impacts are still with us.

But it’s more than just masking. It’s the whole approach of the education system to shut out parents—the idea that administrators don’t want parents to know what’s going on. Mothers are not willing to trust that the government knows what is best for their children. You can’t imagine the fear that Charlie Crist evoked when he talked about mask mandates and the potential for lockdowns again.

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Are dads as supportive of DeSantis?

Dads care as much as our moms. What kind of dad wants their baby girl changing in front of a man at school? This is crazy. So dads are standing up too. We recently heard about the male coach that supported his daughter’s right to privacy and got suspended. It makes no sense. Men respect the way that DeSantis protected and defended family values and that DeSantis defends a father’s right to do what is best for their children.

What are the main issues parents voted on?

Education. Safety. Family first values. These are the issue that matter to families—we put our children first. The Governor connected with parents on these points. DeSantis kept the kids in school and this enabled parents to work and keep their businesses open.

Parental rights have also been at the forefront. Parents don’t want to be told how to raise their children.

I can speak to that as a mom—I am raising my child to value faith first and family second. Everything in our little world with my four-year-old is about instilling these beliefs—and I will say that somehow, she has learned how to read already, so I think we are doing fine. I don’t want someone introducing sex themes to my daughter. That is outrageous.

When the Governor talks about common-sense ruling school policies, he connects with parents. We want common sense—the state can educate our children but leave the introduction of mature topics to us as parents. We can raise our children—and DeSantis acknowledges this.

Did First Lady Casey DeSantis have a role in the governor’s popularity?

Governor Ron Desantis & CaseyAbsolutely. Casey DeSantis is classy and conservative. She reflects the values of faith, family, and freedom that we cherish. Our ladies attended her summit in Palm Beach County last week; it was lovely and meaningful. And her personal story of overcoming cancer, raising little children, loving her husband, and respecting him—again, this is a picture of a conservative woman.

I sometimes ask why can’t I be accepted for family first values, for having a traditional family life—well, when I see Casey in her TV commercials, I find a person I connect with and respect. And I think that connection and respect among women have transferred to her husband and have been favorable to his campaign.

What she did in mobilizing 1.1 million “mamas for DeSantis” campaign is remarkable in terms of organization, but we moms who care about family values are not surprised to know that so many others across our state are willing to take a stand for freedom. We are indebted to parents across the state and many conservative candidates who gave heart and soul to this election and brought DeSantis’s message to the people.

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