‘We Are WOMEN!’-Megyn Kelly Rips Misogynistic ‘Always’ Feminine Hygiene Company

Famous news reporter and former Fox News and NBC host Megyn Kelly launched a tirade against feminine hygiene product company “Always” after it referred to women as “bodies with female sex organs.”

“Dear Always: we are not “bodies with female sex organs.” We are WOMEN. GIRLS. And we are the only ones who get periods and buy products from your pathetic, dehumanizing, and apparently misogynistic brand. Got it?” ~Megyn Kelly on Twitter

Always, perhaps seeking to raise its ESG score, reportedly issued a new puberty guide in which it refers to women as “bodies with female sex organs” and daughters as “young people.” The guide was produced for schools and intended to be read by adolescent girls.

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According to Daily Mail, the pamphlet has a series of statements promoting transgenderism and “gender fluidity.”

“Every month, bodies with female sex organs prepare for pregnancy.” ~Always Puberty and Confidence Guide for Everyone

A teacher who handled the pamphlet condemned it, saying it would “confuse” children. The teacher spoke on condition of anonymity to DailyMail in fear of being labeled “transphobic.”

“‘Bodies with female sex organs” may not be immediately identifiable as a girl according to a child’s understanding, particularly if English isn’t their first language or a child has additional learning needs.” ~Anonymous Teacher to DailyMail

Always is presumably entering the ongoing culture war in the shadows, trying to avoid drawing attention to itself after Target and Bud Light hemorrhaged tens of billions of dollars collectively after their proud promotion of pro-transgender products and influencers.

Middle America hasn’t taken the changes kindly. Hundreds responded to Kelly’s tweet, condemning the corporation’s overt promotion of radical-left gender ideology.

“The very sickening part is , they are fully aware that women, not MEN (even those who dress up as one) are the only ones who get a period! They know these products are a must have for women. And they don’t care, women and girls cannot boycott a life necessity!” ~@Forrest3300 on Twitter

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Many in Kelly’s conservative audience announced they would now be adding the products to the ever-increasing list of companies they would be boycotting.

With the left’s “war on women” ramping up daily, many thanked Kelly for her fearless defense of what it means to be a woman – something that gender ideology pretends doesn’t exist.

“Megyn you are so perfect with your responses regarding this issue of erasing women. Thank you.” ~EvMarvel1 on Twitter

Other commenters accused Always of taking advantage of those experiencing mental illness.

“I’m still baffled by this whole thing. It’s like someone baiting mental health issues just to make money at the end.” ~@GretchenInNEPA on Twitter

Despite mass criticism, Always and its parent company are unwilling to change course. With Republican governors now acting in concert with everyday Americans to fight the radical Democrat agenda, the feminine product company may soon find itself the latest victim of legislative attacks and catastrophic mass boycotting.

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