Wayne Allyn Root: For 4 Long Years, I’ve Been Warning Joe Biden Belongs in Nursing Home, Wife Jill Should Be Indicted for Elder Abuse, Barack Obama Is the Real President, and Biden Will Be Replaced at Convention by Michelle Obama. Believe Me Now?

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I don’t mean to say, “I told you so.” But boy, did I tell you so. When no one else was willing to say it … on national TV.

Four years ago, the owner of Newsmax TV fired me for “being disrespectful to Joe Biden.” His words.

Because throughout 2019 and 2020, I kept saying on my primetime Newsmax TV show, “Joe Biden has dementia. Joe Biden belongs in a nursing home. Joe Biden is a feeble old man. Joe Biden cannot possibly be allowed to be president with his declining mental state.”

I lost my primetime TV show over RAW TRUTH.

That was all before Joe Biden was elected president of the United States. Or should I say, “installed as the illegitimate president by a rigged and stolen election.”

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Over the past four years of the so-called Biden presidency, I’ve screamed from the highest mountains on my national radio and new national TV shows on Real America’s Voice TV that:

— Joe Biden has dementia, or Alzheimer’s, combined with some form of Parkinson’s disease, and should be removed from office.

— Democrats are scamming us with a fake president and zombie puppet who takes his orders from Barack Obama and then “puts a lid on it” and takes a nap by Noon each day.

— Biden’s mental deterioration is an embarrassment to the United States.

— Joe’s wife Jill Biden should be indicted for elder abuse.

— Obama has been the real de facto president all along.

— Obama gives all the orders to an administration filled with ex-Obama administration officials.

— Joe Biden would be thrown under the bus and replaced this summer, after it became clear he could not defeat President Donald Trump.

This has ALWAYS been Obama’s presidency.

I even predicted in writing that the only reason for a June debate — the earliest in history — was so Democrats would have an excuse to replace Joe Biden before or at the Democratic National Convention in August.

This was Obama’s devious plan all along. Brilliant.

That’s one heck of a track record of “on the money” predictions — all in writing and recorded on national TV.

But wait, it gets better!

I’ve also been predicting for 18 months now that Joe Biden would be replaced by Michelle Obama. I even wrote her acceptance speech a month ago. I knew exactly what she’d say. See: https://rootforamerica.com/get-ready-for-michelle-obama/.

But my main contention was always that Biden would absolutely be replaced this summer. Who it could be is anyone’s guess. I did leave room for other choices too — it could be Gavin Newsom; it could be Hillary Clinton. Days ago, I even threw a new name into the ring — Wes Moore, an Obama clone just elected governor of Maryland.

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But Michelle Obama was always my frontrunner. Here is why:

First, I’ve always argued Trump is unbeatable. He is winning historic proportions of the black vote and youth vote. Only a bigger-than-life celebrity like Michelle could save the Democratic Party from a landslide loss.

Michelle is the only one capable of winning back black voters and young voters. Michelle is the only one who could generate the excitement necessary to make a horserace out of it. The Obama “brand” is the only one that can compete with the Trump brand.

Secondly, why was Chicago chosen as the site for the Democratic convention? That choice never made any sense. Political parties always choose a site in a battleground state, which gives them a chance to win a contested state. But Democrats chose Chicago — a 100% Democrat city, in a state they have a 100% chance of winning. Why?

Because Michelle was ALWAYS their backup plan.

Chicago is Michelle’s hometown. She was born and raised in Chicago. This will be her coronation, her “coming out” party. She will be hailed as “the hometown hero” for giving up her life of wealth, celebrity and travel to become the Democratic nominee for president. Chicago will go wild. The drama and excitement are literally “made for TV.” It’s like a reality show …

It’s like “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Lastly and most importantly, the Democratic Party is all about identity politics. They need black and minority votes to have any chance to win. They need to excite black and minority voters like never before — to get them back to the Democratic reservation.

And the one thing they can’t afford to do is offend black voters by leaping over Vice President Kamala Harris for a white man. They could never do that. A large portion of the black vote would stay home.

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So, Newsom is out.

Besides, California is a disaster. Newsom could not defend what’s happened to California — the taxes, debt, crime, drugs, homelessness, retail store closures, authoritarian COVID lockdowns under Newsom. Californians are fleeing in record numbers. Newsom might have the worst track record of any candidate in history.

Trump would destroy Newsom in an even bigger landslide than Biden.

All Democrats have left to replace Biden at the last minute and have even a semblance of a chance to beat Trump is Michelle. It’s all they’ve ever had. She’s been waiting in the wings for 18 months — as I’ve been warning.

This has always been Barack Obama’s plan.

It might be Michelle with Newsom as V.P. It might be an all-female ticket of Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. If they can’t bribe Kamala to leave with an offer of a Supreme Court nomination, it could be Michelle and Kamala (but I highly doubt it — Kamala is hated).

Or Democrats could go with Newsom, or Christine Whitman, or Maryland Gov. Moore in an emergency, if Michelle refuses to run. But they’d be sacrificial lambs, practicing for 2028 after Trump leaves office.

It’s even possible Democrats could try to install Barack Obama as VP, as “insurance” for Biden to get through the campaign, if they’re willing to test the U.S. Constitution.

But I will put my money on Michelle, in Chicago, in August.

And then we shall have the most exciting presidential race in history with the two biggest brand names in history:

Trump vs. Obama.

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