Wayne Allen Root: ‘The Art of the Deal’: I Have a Way for Trump To Turn the COVID Vaccine Into Biggest Win-Win of All Time

The perspectives and thoughts expressed in this op-ed are the exclusive purview of the author.

TV and radio commentator Alex Jones just warned President Donald Trump to stop praising the COVID vaccine, after the latest Trump post at Truth Social over the weekend.

I agree and disagree with Alex.

First, Trump is leading for president in every poll. I believe he is on his way to a landslide so large that even a rigged election can’t stop him. There are more important issues affecting America today: The open border and the current foreign invasion of America is No. 1. The failing economy is No. 2. The national debt is No. 3. The start of World War III is No. 4. And towering over all of them is inflation that is destroying the lives of the middle class. So, Trump can win the election without the COVID vaccine issue being a big factor.

Secondly, Trump isn’t to blame for any problems with the COVID vaccine. He’s not a doctor, scientist or medical researcher. He’s a billionaire business mogul. He had to go with the advice he got from his medical experts — all of whom lied to him about every aspect of the pandemic, lockdowns, masks and the vaccine. That’s on them, not Trump.

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Third, Trump did what he had to, to reopen our economy. There was clearly a conspiracy by groups with an interest in seeing our country and economy fail — whether to enslave us in communism, destroy capitalism or simply defeat Trump. It involved some combination of the deep state, D.C. swamp, Democrats, China and the Chinese Communist Party. Their goal was to lock us down for years. Trump defeated their plan by developing the vaccine in record time.

So, I understand why he is so proud of his accomplishment. He saved America, the U.S. economy, tens of millions of American jobs, and capitalism with his “Operation Warp Speed.”

But … I also agree with Alex that Trump praising the COVID vaccine is a big mistake.

For a guy who always wins and loves to negotiate “win-win” deals, President Trump needs to understand the COVID vaccine is the world’s biggest “lose-lose.”

Stay away from it like a grenade!

Why? Because virtually everyone in America who loves the COVID vaccine and believes it works, and is lined up for yet another booster, hates Trump and will NEVER, ever, ever vote for him — no matter what he does or says. And they will never give him any credit for the COVID vaccine. So, Trump is wasting his breath.

But pretty much everyone who loves, supports and appreciates Trump (at this point close to 100 million Americans) despises the COVID vaccine, will never take it or wishes they never took it, believes it’s dangerous and deadly and believes it’s either the biggest mistake in health care history or a crime against humanity.

Even more importantly, pretty much every supporter of Trump says they know someone who has either died or been badly injured by the COVID vaccine.

That’s why praising the vax is a lose-lose. There are no votes to be gained from the Left, but many votes could be lost from the Right. It’s a “lose-lose.”

Having said all of that, my goal is to always support and defend Trump. He is the greatest president of my lifetime. More importantly, Trump is our last and only chance to save America. Trump is the only one who can defeat the deep state and D.C. swamp. If Trump is elected, we save America, and we make America great again. But if Trump is defeated, we lose America forever.

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It’s this simple: Either Trump wins in November, or he is the last Republican president ever.

Therefore, my goal is to always support President Trump. Even though we disagree on this one issue — the COVID jab.

I was the first mainstream TV and radio host to warn about:

A) The dangers of the COVID vaccine.

B) All the deaths, injuries and miscarriages in the vaccine trials.

C) All the deaths on the early-warning VAERS list compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

D) The fact that Big Pharma tried to cover up the trial results for 75 years.

Think about that for a minute. Can you imagine if any other medical product in history showed deaths, injuries and pregnant women miscarrying, and the company told doctors it was fine and then tried to bury the truth for 75 years?

We also found out recently that the CDC had a memo ready to go public that warned the COVID vaccine causes elevated levels of myocarditis (damage to your heart). But it was never released. Why? How many Americans died because the CDC withheld the memo? Then, soon thereafter, the CDC put out an announcement urging everyone — including children — to get the latest booster.

Can you imagine if any CEO in America knew a product was deadly, had a warning announcement ready to go but never released it, and then urged everyone to use their product? That’s called “mass murder.” That CEO would be in prison for life.

Having said all of that, I want to help elect President Trump. He should never again praise the vaccine. But he does not need to condemn it either. He never needs to do a 180-degree flip. He never has to say a bad word about the vaccine. If he does what I’m about to recommend, all is forgiven, and Trump moves his odds of victory even higher. Here it is.

Trump needs to pledge that if elected, he’ll do these four things and he turns the COVID vaccine into a “win-win”:

1. Trump pledges an executive order on Day 1 that bans any mandates ever again regarding the COVID vaccine, masks or lockdowns. They are now illegal. No one can ever again be forced to do anything against their will. You want the vaccine, you want to wear masks, you want to hide in your home or close your business? Do it. But everyone else is free to not do it. End of story. It’s called FREEDOM.

2. Trump pledges on Day 1 to order a special counsel investigation of Big Pharma and the COVID vaccines so we can find out once and for all, does the vaccine work, or is it dangerous? Were we fed a steady stream of lies and propaganda? Did Big Pharma cover up deaths and injuries? Are “excess deaths” up dramatically worldwide since the vaccine? Did Big Pharma cover up deaths? Why did they want to seal the trial results for 75 years? If none of this is true, then Big Pharma has nothing to be afraid of.

3. Pledge to name Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as the lead special prosecutor of this investigation. The man has integrity when it comes to vaccines. That’s his life’s work. With RFK Jr. in charge, we know Big Pharma can’t buy their way out of indictments.

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4. Here’s the big one that clinches the presidency for Trump: Trump pledges an executive order on Day 1 to force the government to reimburse for all back pay, plus interest, to anyone who was fired or forced to quit their job because of the COVID vaccine mandates. This is the federal government’s responsibility. The Biden administration mandated you either take the jab or lose your job. It was a federal mandate enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Corporations had no choice. That was wrong. That was unconstitutional. That was un-American. Worse, it was a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code — no one can ever be forced to take an experimental vaccine against their will. We must right this wrong on Trump’s first day in office.

Anyone in the military, police, fire, nurses, doctors, corporate employees, government employees, private sector employees — anyone who lost their job because of this OSHA mandate deserves back pay, plus interest, for their tremendous financial losses and pain they’ve endured because of Big Brother.

And personally, I’d add a fifth pledge.

Trump should pledge to speed up the monetary awards paid to anyone who can prove injury from the COVID vaccine by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program — which currently has a disgraceful 10-year backlog.

Mr. President, announce those pledges, or any combination of them, and you clinch a victory — without ever having to mention, or condemn, the COVID vaccine. Millions of people injured by the vaccine, or certain they never want to be forced to take the vaccine, will be so thankful. End of story.

“WIN-WIN.” That’s the art of the deal!

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Conservative Warrior.” Wayne’s latest book is out, “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.”Wayne is now the host of two new TV shows on Real America’s Voice and Mike Lindell TV. He is also host of the nationally syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” on USA Radio Network, daily from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST. Visit ROOTforAmerica.com for more information.


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