Watch Washington Man Fight Off Carjacker and Win

A car owner says he won and fought off a carjacker trying to steal his vehicle at a Hazel Dell, Washington, gas station.

According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the vehicle owner Bill Black of Vancouver, pulled up to the ARCO Gas Station on Northeast 99th Avenue Tuesday afternoon to get gas when he realized his tires had low pressure. After he refueled, Black pulled up to the air pump station to add air to his tires.

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Surveillance video shows Black putting air in his rear passenger side tire when a man dressed in a black hooded shirt and black face mask approaches from the sidewalk and walks toward Black’s vehicle. The man hesitates before opening the driver’s door, jumping into the driver’s seat of Black’s car, and beginning to back up.

Washington Carjacker

But Black quickly jumped into the passenger seat, and the fight was on between them. Black said the two exchanged blows before the suspect exited his car and ran away.

“These people have to understand that this is not acceptable,” Black said. “It’s not just a person stealing a car, it’s a person stealing my personal life, I didn’t even think twice about stopping,” said Black. “And you know, it might not have been the best decision, but I got my car and my stuff.”

“I heard the door close, and I knew what was going on at that point, said Black.

Black added that his instincts kicked in, motivated by what was in his car — his laptop.

“I just bolted up and went and as soon as I was able to open the door, he was already backing up.”

The carjacker put the car in reverse and floored it, causing Black to slam into the dashboard and windshield. Black was able to wrestle the car into park before throwing a couple of punches at the man, eventually shoving him out.

“I had to be crazier than he was, and you know, and it scared him, and he’s kind of like at one point is like, ‘oh, let me out of here,’…and he took off, and it’s like you’re not going to take my belongings,” Black said.

Black also cited Washington’s pursuit law as a reason he took matters into his own hands. Law enforcement requires “an imminent threat” to public safety or probable cause to believe a person inside the vehicle has committed a violent or sexual crime or escaped jail.

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“It wasn’t just a car, you know, it was my personal belongings, my client’s stuff, so it was almost like my family was in there, or my business was in there,” he said.

The sheriff’s office said deputies searched the area for the suspected carjacker along with a K-9 team, but they could not locate him immediately.

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According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Tactical Detective Unit, the suspect was not located. Anyone with information on the incident is advised to call Detective Tanya Johnson at 360-600-1505.

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