Washington Post Poll Reveals Damning Results for Biden – The MSM Buried It

A new Washington Post/Ipsos poll revealed massive dissatisfaction amongst one of President Biden’s key demographics – just about half (49 percent) of African Americans, part of the “diversity coalition” that made Biden’s election possible, feel that the president’s policies have done nothing to help the black community.

Another 14 percent say his policies have directly hurt the black community.

Though black Americans have been staunch in their support of the Democratic Party for decades, if the poll in any way reflects voting intent, then Biden is facing a challenging trek to reelection in 2024.

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The Washington Post, seeing the tough predicament the president is in, quietly placed the results on page A-4 – possibly hoping to avoid drawing too much attention to what is one of the most universally unpopular presidencies in modern American history.

According to another Gallup poll, Biden stands at an embarrassing 39 percent approval rating among the general populace and a lackluster 66 percent among black Americans.

The Washington Post has been pushing Biden to honor the many unpopular radical-left promises that won him the black vote and, subsequently, the primary nomination in 2020. The article read,

“Three years after the murder of George Floyd sparked global protests and led then-candidate Joe Biden to endorse a broad platform of racial justice initiatives, the president is under pressure to prove to Black voters that he enacted as much of his equity agenda as possible — and that he remains committed to delivering for his most loyal supporters in a second term.”

The eighty-year-old executive has implemented several radical and unpopular “racial and gender equity” initiatives. His supporters and the black Democrats who supported him aren’t pleased.

With violent and property crime surging across the country, the president’s supporters are urging him to again hinder the operating ability of law enforcement by creating an “accountability database” – something which the Washington Post has been shilling for since Biden promised it on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

The president’s Democrat supporters don’t seem to care that their policies hurt many black communities. Instead, they push radical rhetoric and policy that wins votes but do little to stop the many problems that black Americans face, from crime to rampant poverty.

“Well, yeh. Democrats think blacks are only good for votes. They couldn’t care less about doing anything to improve their life.” ~@Maycey36 on Twitter

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The 46th President is between a rock and a hard place – if he chooses to answer the calls of his left-wing detractors, Biden will alienate the many moderates and independents who paved his way to the White House in 2020.

If the president chooses to ignore the radical left, he faces a tough primary and risks losing the support of the Obama-sympathetic minority demographics that handed him the nomination.

No matter what President Biden chooses, he faces harsh condemnation from all sides and critically low approval ratings from the general population.

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