Video: Woman Charged With Strangling and Decapitating Lover After Meth-Fueled Sex Attacks Lawyer in Court

A woman accused of strangling and dismembering her lover during a meth-fueled romp assaulted her lawyer in court on Tuesday.

Taylor Schabusiness, 25, attacked defense attorney Quinn Jolly after the judge moved to postpone the trial by two months. Seemingly outraged by the decision, Schabusiness lunged at Jolly and struck him in the head with her elbow. A video of the assault shows an officer wrestling her to the ground before two more arrive to help restrain her.

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The judge had agreed to postpone the trial at Jolly’s request after a key witness failed to present. The witness was expected to testify that Schabusiness was incompetent to stand trial. She is charged with first-degree homicide, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault. She has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Schabusiness was arrested in Feb. 2022 after the victim’s mother discovered his severed head in a bucket in her basement. A criminal complaint says that Schabusiness strangled Shad Thyrion, 25, with a chain before dismembering his corpse.

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Schabusiness, who is married, had reportedly been sneaking around with Thyrion and doing drugs. On the day of the murder, the pair allegedly smoked methamphetamine and took Trazadone as a sedative.

After the arrest, Schabusiness told police that she and Thyrion had planned to have sex in his mother’s basement. During intercourse, Thyrion produced a chain and asked Schabusiness to choke him with it. Crazed and fueled by drugs, she began to strangle him while he struggled and coughed up blood. The woman claimed that Thyrion would not die because he kept “rebuilding into muscle,” leading her to choke him harder.

“Ya, I liked it,” she said while recounting the events.

When asked what she did after murdering Thyrion, Schabusiness told detectives that she “played” with the corpse. According to the criminal complaint,

“Schabusiness stated she sucked the Victim’s penis, that she had a dildo that she put in the Victim’s mouth and then in the Victim’s ***.”

Afterward, Schabusiness retrieved a bread knife from Thyrion’s mother’s kitchen and began to hack at the corpse. A police investigation revealed several body parts scattered across the basement and in the murderer’s van. Police discovered Thyrion’s torso in a storage tote and his legs inside a crock pot box. The complaint states that a “male organ” was found inside the bucket with Thyrion’s head.

She had reportedly planned to take Thyrion’s body parts with her but “got lazy” due to the randomness of the crime and abandoned them in the basement.

It did not take long for police to catch up with Schabusiness after the murder, finding her stained with blood and covered in scratches.

Schabusiness initially told detectives that she had blacked out and did not remember the events surrounding Thyrion’s death. After she was told the gruesome details of the crime scene, Schabusiness reportedly told detectives, “that is pretty f—ed up.”

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Moments after Schabusiness’ violent outburst in court, her attorney petitioned the judge to be removed from the case. Hearings to determine whether she is competent to stand trial continue. If convicted, she faces life in prison.

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