Video: Watch Italian Mob Boss Escape Prison Using Bedsheet Rope

Italian mob boss Marco Raduano, 40, is a free man for the time being after he escaped from his maximum-security cell by climbing down a makeshift bedsheet rope, and it was all caught on video.

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The escape from the Badu’ e Carros prison in Sardinia went unnoticed for a couple of hours because the prison operations room was reportedly unmanned, and no one was watching security footage during the prison break.

Cameras were rolling, even though no one was watching, and captured the tracksuit-wearing boss of the Sacra Corona Unita Mafia clan in southern Italy scaling down a stone wall using the rope of bedsheets before jumping to the grass below and dashing off.

Marco Raduano

Using the homemade bedsheet rope, Raduano was able to climb down the prison’s perimeter wall and escape to freedom in the small city of Nuoro, on the island of Sardinia on the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the mainland Italian peninsula.

Raduano was arrested in 2018 and was starting year 5 of his 18-year sentence for cocaine trafficking. Raduano was also facing murder charges when he made his escape.

The mob boss was said to be a model prisoner who had used his job on an upper-floor library to study the schedules of guards who patrolled the facility. With that inside information, he knew when the facility was understaffed and timed his escape accordingly.

According to L’ Unione Sardinia, Six officers were to be used on each shift on the boundary wall climbed over by Raduano, “when it went well there was only one,” “a self-assembled patrol was also planned, but it was hardly used.” Not only that: the control room “was unmanned in the evening and at night.” The escaped prisoner, who worked in the prison library, observed the dynamics for months. And he knew there were cameras; it’s not like a sleeping agent was in control. There just wasn’t anyone there.”

Badu’ e Carros is a high-security jailhouse that was opened in the 1970s and is located on the outskirts of the town. The jailhouse is mainly used for special kinds of prisoners like terrorists, highly dangerous mobsters, and members of Cosa Nostra, Camorra, or ‘Ndrangheta.

It currently houses only 180 prisoners, many of whom are some of Italy’s most notorious criminals. Prison budget cuts meant only 50 officers were tasked with watching over the population.

“This daring escape from one of Italy’s most secure jails was due to staff shortages,” union leader Giovanni Villa stated.

“The prisoner from Puglia escaped in a daring way from one of the safest penitentiaries in Italy. It seems he had everything ready and that the escape was well planned for some time,” Villa said. “We have been denouncing the lack of personnel for months, which is the main factor that compromised security.”

Raduano’s escape coincided with a fireworks display in his hometown of Vieste, forcing the local mayor to issue a statement denying that the celebration was tied to the prison break.

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Raduano remains on the run as officials investigate the security lapse that allowed the Mafia Don to flee.

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