[Video] Veterans Heart-Wrenching Plea to VA-‘I Just Want Continuity of Care’

A former army sergeant released a heartbreaking TikTok condemning the catastrophic failures of the US Department of Veteran Affairs, otherwise known as the “VA.”


Reposting the original video.. i have posted and update, please be sure to watch that, i knew that by sharing my all to common story and allowing myself to be vulnerable in front of the world that i might light a fire of change. Now we have national attention on this epidemic. 🙌🏼 #Vet #veteran #mentalhealth #veteransoftiktok #veteransaffairs #vets

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The distraught veteran detailed his experience with VA hospital services, particularly its mental illness treatment – which the VA hospital has failed to provide adequately.

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“The VA has continued to let me down,” Joe Cantasano said, “I just want some f***cking continuity of care with mental health providers.”

Cantasano said his doctors keep switching – forcing him to continue starting from square one with his mental health treatment. He also told his Tiktok audience about losing a doctor he cared about – who talked him out of committing suicide – because he “fell out of [the VA] network.”

The system was so bad that Cantasano opted to stop getting care – which he said forced him to spend “the last two years dealing with my own demons myself.”

Struggling through tears, the veteran opens up about his struggle with constantly switching between care providers.

“I’m trying to hold it to-f***cking-gether, and then, come to find out, it’s… it’s like May and he denied taking my case back. And now I have to go back to some new f***cking doctor. And then I gotta open Pandora’s box again because they’re gonna want to know everything. And then I’m going to have to live through working through that f***ing muck…I just want to talk to the same person, and have the same invidiual manage my god d*mn meds.”

He continued explaining his story,

“It’s not that much to ask. I just want to be able to talk to the same person, and not continue to have to these f***cking stories that torment me.”

In a supplementary update video, Cantasano said, “I believe that I fell through the cracks, and it was due to negligence of an employee that’s no longer with the physician that I want to go to.”

The horrific experience Cantasano had with the Department of Veterans Affairs is all too common. During the Trump administration, more than 1,500 federal VA workers were fired in a series of reforms designed to remove the incompetence and apathy that had deprived veterans of much-needed physical and mental care.

The system still needs fixing.

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Cantasano received an outpouring of support from onlookers and fellow veterans who have suffered with the VA.

“I hope the VA sees this. 100% with you there brother. I’m a Navy vet and experience this same kind of stuff with VA care too. It’s not right.” ~@emily_the_studd on Tiktok

Another user – a veteran and VA employee – reassured Cantasano and explained how he tries to help the veterans who need it most.

“I work at the at the VA as an employee and veteran, and I reach out to every one of the veterans to let them know we’re all in it together.” ~@Benjamin Beej Thomps on Tiktok

Joe Cantasano posted another update explaining that he managed to find a doctor and make contact. In the caption of the post, he made a call to action for his audience:

“The fight’s not over with me… echo my battle cry for better mental health care for veterans.” ~ Joe Cantasano

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