[VIDEO] Ukrainian MP Attacks Russian Diplomat for Taking Flag

Chilly relations between Ukrainian and Russian diplomats escalated into a sudden hand-to-hand fight, with the Ukrainian delegate attacking his Russian counterpart over the latter’s taking of a flag. The shocking video below shows the bizarre scuffle.

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The Russian diplomat reportedly took the flag to prevent the Ukrainians from photobombing or interrupting interviews with Russian officials – a frequent harassment tactic used by Ukrainian diplomatic delegations.

Other videos from the conference in the Turkish capital of Ankara show the Ukrainian delegation interrupting the Russian delegation unprovoked, waving the Ukrainian flag and what appears to be an anarcho-communist flag in the background. The Turkish moderator of the forum was forced to restore order to the off-rails international assembly and calm the Ukrainian delegation down.

Turkish Head of Parliament Mustafa Sentop spoke out against the delegations’ behavior.

“I condemn this behavior that disrupts the peaceful environment that Turkey is trying to establish.”

The Turks were visibly upset by the reckless behavior at the Black Sea Economic Forum.

The Ukrainian delegate, proud of the incident, reposted the viral clip to his Facebook with the caption, “Paws away from our flag, paws away from Ukraine, Russian crap!”

Later, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations was invited to CBS News to appeal emotionally to Americans, asking viewers how they would feel if their flag were being taken. Unsurprisingly, the Ukrainian politician wasn’t interested in talking about his own delegation’s rambunctious activities.

“That Ukrainian thug needs to get knocked out!” ~ @NelsonMG27


“Seriously? The Ukrainian was trying to put a flag behind a Russian delegate, so another Russian removed it. And quite right too, as the Ukrainians did it another time behind a Russian delegate. The viciousness of that Ukrainian, when in the wrong, was what we can expect!” ~@StephenJohnPeel

The public response to the turbulent diplomatic meetings was a mix of condemnations and celebrations, reflective of the increasing divide in America over the issue of propping up the Ukraine.

Flashes of Antifa. And just like Antifa they get an a** whoopin one one one

Remarkably, one user was spreading misinformation that President Trump, under whom there was no war in Ukraine, was responsible for Putin’s 2022 invasion of the country.

“Beat his ass! F*** Putin & Trump! Trump is behind the invasion of Ukraine to upend world markets!” ~@MLC13744074

The European conflict has recently escalated even further, with an alleged attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s life via a drone strike. The Kremlin has pointed fingers at Washington and the Biden administration for the attack.

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Ukraine has shown no interest in compromising for peace – instead, it has flagrantly and childishly upended any diplomatic summits in which it is present. Its demands, which include border restorations to those from nearly a decade ago, have been called unrealistic by top US defense officials. Despite this, Ukraine continues to fight on NATO’s dime, and NATO has yet to apply any non-verbal pressure on Ukraine to begin peace negotiations.

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