[Video] UC Berkeley Hosts ‘Black Only Graduation,’ Breaks Civil Rights Laws

The University of California Berkeley finds itself in hot water after hosting its annual ‘black-only graduation ceremony’ on Saturday.

The annual ceremony, which, according to campus reform, has been occurring since 2013. The ceremony was advertised back in March as ‘open to all majors and degree programs across the campus’ but also added in their announcement that it would be a ‘black graduation.’

The livestream caption for the ceremony described the blatant segregation as ‘an annual, campus-wide ceremony that celebrates all Black/African/African American identifying students upon completion of their undergraduate, master’s, Ph.D., J.D., and/or professional degree programs.’

Having this ceremony goes directly against Civil Rights laws, which were established to prohibit racial discrimination in public accommodations, including educational institutions. The act was created to dismantle segregation and create a society where individuals are treated equally, regardless of race.

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The event even had a virtual address made by Maxine Waters, the controversial California Democratic Congresswoman that incited violence against police officers during the 2020 George Floyd riots, who said the following:

‘This is definitely your time and don’t let anyone tell you differently. We are counting on you to fix the problems we have been fighting for for so long to correct and enable this country to live up to its promise. It can and should be a land of equal opportunity. Because everyone will benefit when all of us can live up to our potential.’

Waters then added a dig at former President Donald Trump by saying:

‘I can’t wait to hear about and experience and what all of you have in mind to make sure this country great, not great again, but great today, and great in the future’

Reactions on Twitter to the graduation ceremony have been fierce, with many calling out the hypocrisy of hosting such a ceremony.

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Other reactions have brought up the validity of a college degree, with some even going as far as to say that this will make people realize that their degree from their institution can be considered useless.

As of the posting of this article, the college has not made an official statement that addresses the pushback that has come from this ceremony. 

The video for the entire two-and-a-half-hour ceremony is linked below.

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