[Video] Trans Exposes Himself to Kids, Escapes, Threatens Cops in Milan – Polizia Deliver Wicked Beating

An unidentified transgender female (biological male) Brazilian national allegedly exposed himself to children who were entering the Istituto Comprensivo Casa Del Sole, a primary school near Trotter Park in Milan, Italy.

According to Il Giorno, the man began shouting obscenities at the people in front of the school, saying he would “infect them with his blood” and that he was HIV positive.

Police were called, and upon arrival, they made contact with the man, arrested him, and placed him in the car. Case Closed, right?

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While in the car, the man tried to cut himself with hair pins, telling officers he would infect them with HIV. He then pretended to be injured so the cops would stop and call paramedics.

After stopping the car, the transgender kicked one officer and ran, resulting in a foot pursuit. When one of the officers managed to grab him, the suspect shoved the officer to the ground and began to run. Il Giorno reports that another officer jumped on a civilian’s scooter to catch up with the suspect, using pepper spray to finally stop him.

Milan Polizia Tranny Beating

A short while later, the police caught up with the transgender man, and since he continued to resist re-arrest, they proceeded to give him a beating with their batons as well as a pepper spray bath.

The resisting was caught in phone camera footage taken by a group of Bocconi University students. The video was later posted on social media, with some Twitter users accusing police of using excessive force on a “helpless trans person.”

Other users began spreading the false narrative that the Brazilian was attacked simply for being “transgender.”

A video of the resisting has gone viral, and the leftists are mad as hell. Far-left politicians in Italy are also demanding the case be brought to the Chamber of Deputies — Italy’s lower house of Parliament — for review.

“I intend to go all the way on this matter,” Ilaria Cucchi of the Italian Left Party. “The perpetrators of this violence should not think they will get away with it.”

The police officers were placed under investigation by prosecutors and have been placed on leave by left-wing Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala.

However, Daniel Vincini, president of the police union, stood firm and reiterated to local media that officers were called in response to a complaint that the Brazilian man was harassing children.

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“The police did their duty, preventing that person from hurting the children at a school. Our lawyers are ready to support them,” Vincini said.

The Milan prosecutor’s office has opened a file to investigate the allegations that the police used undue force.

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