[Video] Trans Activists Assault Lone Protester as Officer Watches, Smirks, and Smiles

A mob of transgender activists violently assaulted popular conservative activist Chris Elston on Friday while police watched on and smirked. Elston, who goes by “Billboard Chris,” was protesting child mutilation at a “Trans Day of Visibility” rally in Vancouver when he was attacked. The conservative activist received injuries to his nose after being grabbed by the throat and thrown to the ground. Police refused to take action following the assault, accusing Elston of having “incited violence” and claiming that it was a “mutual fight.”

Initial footage shows Elston arriving at the trans rally, sporting a billboard sign reading “Children Cannot Consent to Puberty Blockers.” Footage shows Elston moving to assist a friend who is being swarmed and harassed by trans activists. As the two try to move away from the mob, they are attacked, with “Billboard Chris” getting left with a bloody nose. “Been here five seconds, and I’m already getting assaulted,” Elston remarked.

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The pair then reportedly called 911, with Vancouver police officers showing up in a matter of minutes.

“After my first assault, which occurred within seconds of my arrival, I called 911 for police. This officer arrived quickly but stayed in her car, so I walked over. She told me maybe I cut my own nose! More farcical policing ensued,” Elston tweeted.

Elston was later conducting an interview when trans activists again swarmed him and his videographer. The mob tried to drown out the interview, chanting “f–k you” repeatedly in front of the conservative activist’s face. Officers watched on, refusing to intervene as tensions boiled over.

After roughly a minute, one protester finally grabbed Elston by the throat and pulled him into the crowd. He was then shoved to the ground as officers finally moved to break up the assault.

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Video of the attack later revealed the investigating officer to be smirking as the trans-rally-goers escalated the confrontation. When Elston spoke to the investigating officer, later on, to ask if Vancouver PD planned to arrest the attackers, she insisted that he had instigated the fight and falsely accused Elston of shouting at the protesters.

After Elston accused the officer of allowing the protesters to “assault people without consequence,” she responded,

“Seemed like a consensual fight… I saw you get very close to people.”

In later footage posted by journalist Dan Dicks, the officer is asked “did you just say he came here to incite violence by forcing his opinion on people?” She replied “yes.”

Following the attack, Elston wrote on Twitter,

“I need to sue the VPD. I have to. The assault on our kids can’t continue, and the police enabling anarchy and violence can’t continue either. What a surreal day. If you can help me, I greatly appreciate your support.”

Since facing backlash, the Vancouver Police Department announced that it would investigate the incident

“We support everyone’s right to peacefully assemble and protest, but we will also hold people accountable for acts of violence and criminal behaviour.”

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