[VIDEO] Trans Activist Screeches Over National Anthem, Drowned by ‘USA’ Chants

A New York City “BLEXIT,” or “Black Exit from the Democratic Party” event was interrupted as they began the ceremony, with a Trans activist screaming repetitively, “Trans lives matter” as a woman on stage sang the national anthem.

The video below shows the activist yelling and almost immediately being thrown out of the event by security.

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Videos taken from other angles show the activist continuing to yell as he’s being removed, his screaming protest soon drowned out by a flurry of boos and enthusiastic “USA” chants.

Mocking the Biden administration’s placement of the LGBT flag and American flag on equal footing at a recent White House event, Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk posted a tweet that shows the moment the “USA” chants began.

The “BLEXIT” movement, spearheaded by TPUSA pundit Candace Owens, seeks to bring African-Americans to the Republican party. Having nothing to do with “Trans lives” and presenting no threat to them, the activist’s goal behind interrupting the event is unclear.

Video from outside the event shows a gathering of far-left activists who had been working hard to undermine the event, including allegedly forcing the original venue to cancel the “BLEXIT” event.

The organization which lobbied to cancel the event posted to Twitter making the baseless accusation that the relatively moderate Charlie Kirk is an “alt-right, anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ+” pundit.

“Tell Music Hall of Williamsburg: Don’t Host Queerphobes! BLEXIT, an affiliate of the far-right group Turning Point USA, is set to have a show at [Williamsburg] on Sat 6/17. The event is to feature alt right, anti-abortion, and anti-LGBTQ+… pundits.” ~United Against Racism and Fascism NYC Chapter

One user said the venue’s behavior was “racist,” and its collaboration with radical left activists shows they “want all black people down on the Democrat plantation.”

“[The owners of the original venue] are just RACIST BIGOTS who don’t want black people thinking for themselves! they want all black people down on the Democrat Plantation, being told EXACTLY what to think and how to vote!” ~@jaegerjs

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The ineffective protester was incessantly mocked by the Twitter masses, who called him “weak” for his skinny stature and easy removal from the event.

Someone’s service pet got loose… oh wait, security found him and carried the lost and frightened cat down the stairs.” ~@RazzleNovak on Twitter

One user suggested that the activist’s “testosterone injections” weren’t properly working.

“I guess you can have all the testosterone injections in the world, but the female genetics truly run deep.” ~@Ernie13788855

Others said that the left’s tendency to prioritize specific lives through statements like “Trans lives matter” and “Black lives matter” was “evil.” A self-described “Black Texas Patriot” suggested that “human lives matter” was the only righteous statement.

“D*mn girl! Well done for not missing a beat or hitting a wrong note. And anyone who yells anything other than “human lives matter” is something evil, that certain kinds of people’s lives don’t matter. ~@Scott99590823

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