[VIDEO] ‘The View’s’ Vile Attack on Tim Scott-Has ‘Clarence Thomas Syndrome’

Liberal hosts of ‘The View’ once again found themselves in hot water this week after they attacked Senator Tim Scott, R-Sc. who announced he is seeking the Republican nomination for President in 2024.

The hosts claimed Scott could not win because the Republican Party is irredeemably racist and alleged that Scott has ‘Clarence Thomas syndrome’ and downplays the plight of Black Americans.

Co-host Sunny Hostin expressed frustration that Scott has promoted a narrative of personality responsibility.

“I don’t know who his message is supposed to resonate with actually. He’s talking about victimhood and personal responsibility as if people aren’t taking responsibility for their own actions,” she huffed.

She followed that up by saying that the Republican Party has a ‘racism problem.’

“It just seems to me that the Republican Party has a real racism problem.” She said.

She went on to say that she could not see the Republican Party voting for a black candidate due to Scott’s current low polling numbers and because there are a low number of registered Black people in the party.

“And so it seems to me that, you know, at this point, Tim Scott is only polling at 1.8 percent. Donald Trump is still the frontrunner at 56.3 percent. And I do one – Oh – people are surprised at that, but yes. And Ron DeSantis is at 19.4 percent. And it just seems to me that – And black people make up two percent of registered Republicans. So it is a very tiny fraction. I don’t know that the overwhelming base would vote for someone like Tim Scott.”

Whoopie Goldberg said that Scott talking about Americans taking responsibility for their actions is a ‘racist dog whistle.’

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“If he had come out and said, ‘You know what? Here’s what’s been happening and here’s how I’m going to change it.’ Instead, for me, he came out and did that dog whistle: victimhood. As soon as you say that, you know what he’s talking about,” she said, agreeing with co-host Sunny Hostin.

Scott’s first campaign advertisement, released shortly after his announcement, highlighted themes of individual responsibility.

“Today’s kids are growing up immersed in a culture where everyone’s a victim. We have to start teaching the necessity of individual responsibility.” He said to enthusiastic voters.

The exchange was capped off by Goldberg claiming that Scott has ‘Clarence Thomas Syndrome’ because of his optimistic message of individual responsibility over victimhood.

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“One of the issues that Tim Scott has is that he seems to think “Because I made it everyone can make it.” Ignoring, again, the fact that he is the exception and not the rule. And until he is the rule, then he can stop talking about systemic racism.” Hostin said.

“He’s got Clarence Thomas Syndrome. That’s what it is.” Goldberg responded.

Goldberg lectured Scott, saying that he needs to tell Republicans, “They are, in part, the problem” with racism in America.

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