[Video] The Undertaker Steps Up to Protect Wife From Shark

Retired WWE superstar The Undertaker still has some fight left in him and recently stepped in to protect his wife from being attacked… by a shark.

In a wild moment captured on video, Mark Calaway — known by his ring name, The Undertaker — stood over a wild shark that had wandered to the shore, swimming dangerously close to his wife.

“I was simply enjoying a book on the beach when this ‘vegetation’ looked a lot like a shark…..so I text hubby [Undertaker],” Michelle McCool wrote on Twitter. McCool, a fellow retired WWE wrestler, married Calaway in 2010.

In the videos posted to Twitter, the shark can be seen lurking close to the shore, just feet away from the couple. Calaway is seen squaring off against the animal, staring it down and making sure it doesn’t get too close.

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“Kinda digging that last picture …A LOT #myprotector.”

McCool says during the video, “Guess I wasn’t big enough to scare him away, but you are.”

She would later reveal in a separate tweet that it was a “big, beautiful nurse shark”– an easygoing and shy species that tend to live close to the shoreline.

“[N]ot that my sweet [Undertaker]  knew that when he came out! #myprotector.” ~ Michelle McCool

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After the video was posted, comments started flooding in, joking about the standoff.

“That shark didn’t wanna mess with the phenom,” one commenter wrote. “Looks like The Undertaker let the shark off with a warning,” said another.

“It just wanted a pic and an autograph,” joked another user.

McCool and her husband are retired from wrestling, with The Undertaker wrapping up his career in November 2020.

In an interview with New York Post that year, McCool described him as “more mentally tough than anybody I’ve ever met.”

“I think a lot of stubbornness plays into effect, too. I speak from experience from that too. But I just always tell him, ‘Whatever you want to do, I’m here for you. I’ll work out with you. I’ll cook healthy meals, whatever it takes to get you physically emotionally and mentally ready.’”

McCool first debuted with WWE in 2004, playing the character of a teacher before retiring in 2011. Describing her experiences to the Post, she said

“I was in that in-between era where we had to fight for what we wanted and we got very little at the time, so it was a constant fight… It makes me proud that we didn’t just fold over. I think we did have a huge part in this whole evolution that happened. Being the first-ever Divas champion, the first one to win the Women’s and Divas championship was really cool.”

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