[Video] Streamer ‘Johnny Somali’ Slammed to Ground After Harassing Japanese Citizens

A self-proclaimed “IRL,” an in-real-life streamer who goes by the moniker “Johnny Somali’ and broadcasts himself harassing Japanese citizens, was shockingly tackled and subdued on a live stream in front of his viewers.

The streamer gained notoriety after using the subway train as a soapbox to make racist verbal attacks on random civilians.

The shocking video, laden with expletives, is shown below.

Somali is currently banned on many major online platforms, including “Twitch,” the largest live-streaming application in the world.

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A few days after being tackled, Japanese citizens slapped the streamer on the street while he was broadcasting.

On the train, “Johnny Somali” would scream a series of World War II references, including “Hiroshima,” “Nagasaki,” and “Pearl Harbor.” Somali has also garnered disdain from the Japanese population for yelling expletives and the n-word on the otherwise quiet subway trains.

In one viral video, Somali broadcasted himself saying the following to several Japanese citizens:

“Hiroshima, Nagasaki. You know what we do to you n**ga’s. Because you n**ga’s don’t know how to behave. I swear to god. You do it again… you do it again. You understand? Hiroshima… you n**ga’s don’t understand our power.” ~Johnny Somali to subwaygoers.

The avowed degenerate said that his actions were actually “patriotic, a little bit” and were done with the ultimate goal of helping Joe Biden win in 2024, somehow.

“So in order to help my president and to help his re-election campaign, I decided to bring some publicity to the events that happened 80 years ago. … It was actually patriotic, a little bit… to bring awareness to the tragedy because Joe Biden is coming, and Joe Biden needs our help.”

While one may be inclined to think that Somali’s offensive statements are some horrific and misguided form of patriotism, the reality is quite to the contrary. When confronted about his behavior by a fellow American of Korean descent from Texas, who said, “You don’t make Americans look good doing this sh*t,” Somali responded,

“I don’t give a f*ck about America, I give a f*ck about my money. So sit down, motherf*cker.”

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Though his racial comments have prompted the most outrage, including one incident in which he referred to the Chinese language as “Ching chong,” the live-streamer also has a reputation for playing pornography and pornographic sounds on speakers he carries with him in public.

Somali, who gains views from his shocking “humor,” hinted that his poor treatment resulted from a supposed clandestine CIA plot. He would share a TikTok video where he alleges “those men on the train were CIA employees… they spoke English.” The streamer, who claims to have a thousand subscribers, also said that his “contacts from the FSB,” Russia’s CIA-equivalent intelligence service, told him the same. “I was framed,” he said.

Repeating “Do not touch me,” the American citizen was detained by Japanese Police.


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