[Video] Proud Boys and MAGA Battle ‘White Nationalists’ at Oregon Protest

Yesterday during a “flag-wave” at an Oregon City protest, a white nationalist group known as the Rose City Nationalists attempted to mix ranks with the Portland Chapter of the Proud Boys, who promptly rejected the group members

The Rose City Nationals, who market themselves as “pro-white,” is based in the Pacific Northwest.

“RCNC is pro-white and that stance is too much for them too handle, despite the fact that we were both there to protest the same event.”

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Members attempted to join ranks with the Proud Boys in protesting the continuing sexualization of children through exposure to non-age-appropriate material and curriculum. While the Proud Boys themselves have endured constant accusations of being a white supremacist group, this incident seems to suggest otherwise, on top of the fact the group was founded by a black-Hispanic American and includes several minority members.

A video posted online shows the Proud Boys physically shoving members of the Rose City Nationalists away and insisting on the group removing their masks and leaving the area.

“Footage from a protest in Oregon City, Oregon yesterday. Rose City Nationalists (white nationalist group) decides to push into area where they were unwelcome. When told to leave, they refused and got physical. Proud Boys fought back and removed their masks, and them, from the area.”

Many Twitter users celebrated the Proud Boys’ actions.

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One user detailed the importance of this incident in cementing the distinction between conservative groups accused of racism and actual racist groups.


“Understand that groups like Patriot Front are Feds, and groups like Rose City Nationalists, are Not Good Guys. In this case the Proud Boys are NOT letting the “Bad Guys”, Rose City Nationalists, stand with them. Another words the Proud Boys Group here will not let the real Hate Groups stand with them. Love It. Proud Boys and 111% are NOT Racists and they are NOT tolerating ACTUAL Racists. LOVE IT. Wake Up People and Think for yourselves. DISCERN.”

Several observers on Twitter speculated the nationalist group is primarily made up of federal agents attempting to implicate the Proud Boys in white nationalism from the outside or Antifa members with the same goal, citing their outsized concern with being unmasked and their Antifa-reminiscent dress.

One CNN commentator even referenced the group as made up of federal agents, to the great amusement of many observers, but this theory is still unconfirmed.

One CNN commentator even referenced the group as made up of federal agents, to the great amusement of many observers, but this theory is still unconfirmed. Click to Tweet

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