[VIDEO] Pro-Trans Loon Shrieks Like Banshee at San Fran Board Meeting

The state of American leftism was on full display at a San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday when a pro-trans activist boldly declared that she didn’t “have any words prepared” for public comment and instead let out an ear-splitting scream for nearly a minute. Activist Lia McGeever attended the board meeting in protest of the death of Banko Brown, a black member of the local transgender community who was shot and killed while trying to steal from Walgreens. McGeever approached the podium during the public comments section, launched a rant about hating everyone on the board, and then shrieked loudly before storming away.

Donning an N95 mask and holding a sign reading ‘Justice for Banko Brown,’ McGeever opened her spiel by introducing herself and declaring her hatred of the board of supervisors.

“I live in [District 6]. I hate a lot of people on this board, for the reasons that led up to Banko Brown’s death,” the left-wing activist said.

“So, often I prepare something, maybe be a little historical, may even be a little poetic, whatever. There’s a lot of performative people on this board who will say one thing and support black people, homeless people, trans people, and then immediately stab you in the face [by] being racist, transphobic, anti-homeless.”

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“So I don’t have any words prepared today,” McGeever continued.

“I just want you to feel our pain. I don’t know if you can at this point, based off your policy choices, but I have to pretend you have some form of empathy left. So, I am going to spend the next minute screaming cause that is what is going on in here.”

“That is what the trans genocide in this country, in this city, has brought me to,” she said before removing her mask and letting out a deafening shriek.

McGeever appeared to have a meltdown as she wailed, becoming emotional and shaking behind the podium but stopping briefly to tell the board, “Imagine that.”

After catching her breath and continuing to screech, McGeever ranted against the board.

“I hate this, I hate what you’ve done to us. I hate what you’re doing to us. I hate you, Board of Supervisors. I hate you, [San Francisco Mayor] London Breed. I hate you, [San Francisco District Attorney] Jenkins,”

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McGeever then let out one final shriek before losing her breath and shouting in exasperation.

“F–king A, man… F–k.”

The activist called the board “cowards” as she grabbed her N95 and stormed away.

Despite the outcry, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins stated earlier this week that her office would not prosecute the security guard that shot Banko Brown,

“We reviewed witness statements, statements from the suspect, and video footage of the incident and it does not meet the People’s burden to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury that the suspect is guilty of a crime… The evidence clearly shows that the suspect believed he was in mortal danger and acted in self-defense.”

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