Video: Memphis Female Collegiate Basketball Player Who Sucker-Punched Rival Charged with Assault

On Thursday night, the University of Memphis women’s basketball player Jamirah Shutes sucker-punched Bowling Green State University women’s basketball player Elissa Brett and has been charged with assault by Bowling Green campus police.

The assault occurred during a ‘handshake line’ after the University of Memphis was defeated 73-60 in the third round of the Women’s National Invitational Tournament (WNIT).

Shutes reportedly punched Brett in the face as they crossed each other’s paths in the handshake line, causing Brett to hit her head on the floor.

The shocking moment was captured on video and went viral on social media and in the news this morning.

A report by the Commercial Appeal indicated that the two were involved in a physical altercation earlier in the game in the first quarter. Brett reportedly fouled Shutes, and the ball went dead when one of Brett’s teammates accidentally struck Shutes.

According to an incident report, Brett sustained “swelling in their right eye due to this strike.”

A statement released by Bowling Green Athletics indicates that local authorities plan to charge Shutes with assault and that BGSU Athletics is conducting an independent investigation.

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“Following Thursday’s unwarranted physical incident after the WNIT home game, the Bowling Green State University Police Department has charged a member of the Memphis Women’s Basketball team with assault,” the statement reads. “Additionally, BGSU Athletics is conducting its review. Violence is never acceptable and our priority remains the health, safety and support of our student-athletes, who is recovering and doing well. This is an active investigation in conjunction with the City of Bowling Green Prosecutor, and no further comment is available at this time.”

The University of Memphis called the altercation ‘unfortunate’ but refrained from naming or condemning Shutes outright, though they did say that the incident was ‘not consistent’ with their expectations for student-athletes.

“The incident that occurred following Thursday’s women’s basketball game was extremely unfortunate and certainly not consistent with, or representative of, our expectations for our programs and student-athletes,” the statement said.

They further said they would comply with the ongoing investigation by Bowling Green State University police.

“Because the incident occurred after the game, jurisdiction falls in the hands of local authorities, and we are cooperating fully with their process. To be respectful of that process, we will not comment further until it is complete.”

Still, people took to Twitter to express their displeasure with Shutes and the University of Memphis.

One user noted that the University turned off replies in a tweet that posted the game’s results

Shutes is featured on the image that the team’s official Twitter account posted.

Some Twitter users attempted to defend Shutes by pointing out that she was young and had no disciplinary record, but most people were not buying it.

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Some users demanded that Shutes be kicked off the University of Memphis women’s basketball team, but kicking her off would be a symbolic

Shutes was a fifth-year player in her final year at the University of Memphis who played her last game after the team was eliminated on Thursday night.

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