[Video] McDonald’s Employee Retaliates-Throws Drink in Customer’s Face

An Instagram video of employees at an Australian McDonald’s retaliating against disruptive customers has gone viral.

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A McDonald’s Australia spokesperson says it’s “not in accordance” with its policies for employees to retaliate but says there is more to the story.


An employee at the franchise’s Wynyard store in Sydney’s Central Business District was caught throwing a drink at an aggressive customer on camera. The customer then begins throwing food back at workers.

“What is not shown in the video is the customer earlier entering the restaurant and going behind the counter to disrupt the kitchen and threaten the crew,” Anti-social behavior is not tolerated in our restaurants, and we expect our people to be treated with respect at all times. The disruptive customer escalated the situation by repeatedly throwing other food items at the employees. We will always do our best for our customers, but we won’t accept abuse, intimidation, threats, or violence towards our employees.” McDonald’s Australia said in a statement.

More McDonald’s employees joined in and threw items back at the troublemaker.

“The behavior of our employees in this video is not in accordance with our policies, and we are looking into this with the restaurant.”

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New South Wales, Australia, Police confirmed that they responded to the Wynyard station store after they were told a 23-year-old man was assaulted.

Police arrested a 17-year-old boy and a 15-year-old boy on George Street a short time later.

“Both teenagers were taken to Day Street Police Station where they were dealt with (under) the Young Offenders Act,” police said.

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