[Video] Man Abducts Infant, Flees Cops, Crashes Into House Killing Baby

Jonathan J Baker, 23, of North Baltimore, Ohio, is in critical condition after allegedly abducting his girlfriend’s 7-month-old child while armed with a gun. Then fleeing police in his yellow Camaro and crashing it into the side of a house – killing the baby inside.

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At about 3:43 pm, the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office was notified by Wood County deputies about the abduction and told that Baker was heading in their direction in a yellow Camaro.

The Tiffin Police Department said an off-duty officer located the man in the yellow Camaro and radioed the information to dispatch.

Jonathan Baker

Baker’s car was being followed by police for minutes before he suddenly jolted left ‘erratically’ and veered off the road.

He crossed over the lane with oncoming traffic and plowed the car, at speed, into the side of a house on S. Sandusky Street, knocking it off its foundation.

Footage shows the car flying over a small bump before it crashes into the property. No one was home during the ordeal.

Several police officers and a civilian immediately rushed towards the mangled car and tried to force the passenger’s side door open. Airbags were deployed during the crash.

The baby girl was removed from the vehicle via the back window, and aid was administered, as she was bleeding from the head and had labored breathing.

Both the infant and Baker were transported by ambulance to Tiffin Mercy Hospital. The infant succumbed to her injuries and died soon after arrival at the hospital. Baker was transported by air to Toledo St. Vincent’s Hospital, where he is still in critical condition.

Chief David W. Pauly said in a statement: ‘The incident began in the city of North Baltimore, Ohio, yesterday, June 27, 2023, as a dispute between the mother of the child (name being withheld) and her boyfriend, 23-year-old Jonathan J. Baker. Baker took the 7-month-old child and left her in his vehicle. North Baltimore Police sent a BOLO to area law enforcement with special attention to Seneca and Sandusky Counties. The vehicle was observed as it was traveling through the City of Tiffin.

Tiffin Detectives are investigating this incident. The investigation is ongoing, and additional search warrants, interviews, and other investigative steps will be taken.

Police said that when they searched the car, they found a gun and two spent cartridges.

‘My heart breaks for the family of this innocent child, and you can be sure this matter will be investigated thoroughly to determine exactly why and what occurred today,’ said Tiffin Chief Pauly. ‘This was an unfortunate tragedy today, and these things also take their toll on our first responders. My thoughts and prayers are with them as well,’ he added.

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