[Video] Leftist ASSAULTS Nebraska Trooper In Capital Over Bill Protecting Children

During the final debate of Nebraska’s “Let Them Grow Act,” aimed at protecting children in the womb and gender-confused youth, far-left pro-abortion and pro-trans activists assaulted the police while protesting the bill’s passage at the  State Capitol building.

Surveillance video shows one protester wearing a rainbow-colored skirt seemingly rushing police and punching one state trooper in the chest. The footage then saw several troopers wrestle the assailant to the ground.

According to the Nebraska State Patrol  Twitter account, no lasting injuries existed.

“Troopers arrested six people at the Nebraska State Capitol building today for various offenses, including this incident caught on a security camera in which a person punched a Trooper. No injuries to anyone involved.”

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The protestors also threw bloody tampons on the Capitol building floor, according to The Daily Mail.

On top of that, 36-year-old Maghie Miller-Jenkins, 25-year-old Mar Lee, and 24-year-old Lucia Salinas were arrested for allegedly disturbing the peace and obstructing a government operation during the protest. 56-year-old Danna Seevers was arrested for disobeying a lawful order as well. According to the state patrol website, all six were booked into the Lancaster County Jail.

The incident was sparked by the Nebraska State Legislature’s passage of the “Let Them Grow Act,” a bill that bans abortions after 12 weeks of development and bans child sex change procedures. The bill would prevent anyone under 19 from accessing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or sex reassignment surgery.

Activists were not the only ones upset with the result. One state official attempted to filibuster the bill by frantically chanting about the importance of trans people.

Part of the run-up to the bill’s passage involved testimony from young people with negative experiences with being labeled transgender.

Luke Hein, who was transitioned as a child and later regretted it, was subjected to a double mastectomy and cross-sex hormones. During her testimony, she elaborated on the ideological nature of her experience and noted she does not know if she will be able to have children after the hormones.

“My parents were baited with the threat of me committing suicide despite the fact that I maintained I was never suicidal. They were told ‘would you rather have a dead daughter or living son?’ These are not the words of a medical professional but the words of an activist. I was just a teenager who needed actual help, not surgery. I needed that chance to grow up safe and whole. But it was taken away from me in the name of gender-affirming care. I will have to live with this forever.”

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Conversely, “former trans-kid” Erin Brewer testified that she started identifying as a boy in the first grade after a brutal sexual assault. However, Brewer was not sent town the medical transition pathway but  received psychotherapeutic support instead, helping her understand that her “gender dysphoria was the result of a sexual assault, and not because [she] was inherently flawed, or born in the wrong body.” Brewer testified she was grateful she was not placed down the road of transition.

“It is our job as adults to give children the message that no matter how intense and how difficult their feelings are, they can work through them without disassociating from themselves to become a different person, without irreversibly damaging themselves in the process,” said Brewer.

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