[Video] Kristi Noem: ‘Hillary and the Left Make Me Sick’

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem sounded off this week against Hillary Clinton after the failed 2016 candidate went on MSNBC and laughed over the latest indictment of Donald Trump. “Hillary and the left make me sick with their celebration of this hypocrisy and no equal protection under the law,” Noem tweeted Thursday.

In an interview with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling the day prior, Noem described Hillary as “beaming” and “grinning ear to ear” over the news that her former opponent was being charged in Georgia. “What’s happening right now in this country is a literal breaking of America,” she said.

“They’re using this as a weapon to destroy a political opponent and ignoring the violation of crimes that their own party and their own friends have committed. So to have someone that has had so much information recognizes the consequences of this type of an action to openly sit on national TV and laugh.”

“That person doesn’t love America,” Noem added. She described being made “sick” by Clinton and the Democratic party, which continues to excuse criminal behavior on their side of the aisle while weaponizing the justice system against their opponents.

“That person doesn’t love our freedom, our republic, as it was created by our great founders. Yeah, she makes me sick in the fact that she is lightheartedly laughing at this breaking of our foundation and our constitutional rights.”

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On Monday, Clinton went on MSNBC for an interview with Rachel Maddow, where she laughed at the news of an imminent indictment against Donald Trump in Georgia. The charges marked the fourth criminal indictment of the former President in the past five months.

“All over the country, people are wondering what Hillary Rodham Clinton is thinking watching things unfold in Georgia,” Maddow asked while Clinton smirked.

“Oh, I can’t believe this,” Clinton said, bursting into laughter. “Honestly, I didn’t think that it would be under these circumstances. Yet another set of indictments.”

“Justice is being pursued,” she added.

The clip went viral soon after the interview aired.

“Hillary Clinton is literally laughing at you on MSNBC while President Trump gets indicted in yet another political show trial in Georgia,” commentator Benny Johnson wrote on Twitter.

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Other commenters joined in, slamming the former Secretary of State for making a mockery of the nation’s justice system.

“What does it tell you that both Rachel Maddow and Hillary Clinton laugh about the political targeting of a former president,” said former White House official Sebastian Gorka.

“The irony of watching Rachel Maddow and Hillary Clinton scold people for spreading conspiracy theories about stolen elections when they were the biggest Trump-Russian collusion hoaxers after the 2016 election,” tweeted Kevin Tober of the Media Research Center.

“Pot meet kettle,” replied former Ted Cruz staffer Steve Guest.

Former Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Michael Caputo wrote,

“I spent $300K+ on lawyers in the Clinton Russia Hoax. I was just a witness. These 18 additional targets in the GA indictment are in for far more legal expenses. They’ll lose their homes, pull their kids out of schools, delay medical care.

“If you laugh, you’re going to Hell,” he added.

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