[Video] Katie Porter Destroyed By Piers Morgan For Attacking Riley Gaines

California congresswoman and alleged domestic abuser Katie Porter stumbled through one humiliating moment after another on Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher and received a brutal takedown courtesy of guest panelist Piers Morgan. Porter and Morgan had been invited on the show to discuss a host of trans issues, including the recent Bud Light boycott and the increasing male presence in women’s athletics. Porter started her tirade by criticizing All-American swimmer Riley Gaines before accusing her of attention-seeking behavior.

Gaines, a former Division 1 swimmer at the University of Kentucky, was recently physically assaulted and chased into a safe room by a mob of students while speaking at a California university.

“You should be able to have a civil debate. Nobody, including Riley Gaines, who I disagree with strongly should–” Porter said before Morgan interjected to ask for specifics.

“What do you disagree with, out of interest,” the pundit asked.

“I think that it should be up to sporting bodies to make decisions,” the congresswoman responded, before Morgan repeated his question.

“What is it she’s said that’s actually wrong,” he asked.

Porter stammered and accused Gaines of seeking “likes” and “clicks.”

“I think that she’s tried to turn this, you know how we’ve talked about people becoming… using things to get likes and get clicks.”

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“That’s not what she’s doing,” the broadcaster retorted. “She’s not?” Porter said, sounding incredulous.

Morgan fired back epically,

“All I’ve seen her do is stand up for women’s rights, for fairness and equality. She actually competed against Lia Thomas, and it was obviously unfair. Lia Thomas, won one of the races in the NCAA championships by 50 seconds against a bunch of biological females who simply couldn’t keep up. That cannot be right. It cannot be fair.”

“I think she’s speaking for pretty much every female athlete in the world,” he added.

The next day, Gaines herself weighed in and addressed the congresswoman directly.

“Hey [Katie Porter] I’m not speaking up for myself…I’m done playing sports. I’m not fighting for me. I’m actually supposed to be in dental school this year. But I’ve changed my life plans because I see what’s at stake if someone doesn’t fight for the present and next generation”

“Why is it always women fighting against sex-based protections? That will forever be beyond me,” Gaines added in a follow-up tweet.

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During the same episode, Porter was also torched by host Bill Maher after the Democrat suggested that he and Morgan were “kind of old and grumpy right now” after Maher ventured that claim that America’s kids are “not mature.”

“You just said you win the votes of the immature,” Maher told Porter before accusing her of playing the “age card.”

“You were like, ‘our argument sucks because we’re old.’ That’s getting so boring.

Shouldn’t we critique each other on the content of our ideas, not on those identity politics? ‘You’re old, you couldn’t possibly have the right ideas. If I said that about women or something, that wouldn’t be right.”

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