[Video] Italian Mayor Shoves Climate Lunatic, Stops Vandalism of Historic Building – ‘WTF Are You Doing?’

Climate activists worldwide have defaced art and historical monuments to spread their message, and one mayor has finally had enough. Dario Nardella of Florence, Italy, got physical with one such protester on Friday, stopping him from graffitiing his city’s historic 13th-century town hall. Nardella was captured on video grabbing the protester’s arms and shoving him away. Italians are now hailing the Florence mayor as a hero.

Nardella had been giving an interview when he noticed a man spraying orange paint at the Palazzo Vecchio. The man was reportedly with the climate activist group “Last Generation” and used a fire extinguisher to graffiti and deface the 700-year-old building. Nardella later recounted that he was overwhelmed with rage and bolted away from the interview and towards the protester.

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A video of the altercation shows the Florence mayor charging at the activist, grabbing his arms, and forcing him to put down the fire extinguisher. Nardella can then be seen shoving the activist and shouting in Italian, “what the f–k are you doing, what the f–k are you doing?”

Two men were reportedly involved in the vandalism and were detained by police afterward. “Last Generation” is one of several climate activist groups that have turned to defacing art to spread their message. According to a report by USA Today, more than two dozen famous cultural works were attacked by protesters in 2022, including art by Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Andy Warhol. “Last Generation” was responsible for 276 road blockades in Germany that same year.

The Florence mayor was photographed on a scaffold, personally cleaning up the graffiti. According to a report by The Sun, spectators heard him muttering, “Barbarians, uncivilized.”

Dario Nardella

The mayor later received applause on Twitter, with his actions being described as “heroic.” Photos of Nardella standing in the aftermath of the incident went viral, with users photoshopping him to look like Superman. In one instance, an image of him taken from the video was edited to appear as though he was holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

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In a series of Tweets following the altercation, Nardella apologized for his ‘strong expressions’ towards the protester but strongly condemned the criminal actions of climate activists. A Google translation of Nardella’s statement reads,

“I acted on instinct. As mayor I love Florence not only with my head but with my heart and this time the heart prevailed…

Beauty, culture, art are – like nature – defenseless in the face of violence and ignorance. They are the heart of our human existence, they are what makes us aware and free. For this reason, even the most shared battle, such as the one on the climate emergency, cannot be waged by attacking everyone’s heritage.”

Nardella added that ‘on the subject of the environment,’ more than 5,000 liters of water was needed to clean up the vandalism done to the Palazzo Vecchio.

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