[Video] Interview About Reducing Crime Interrupted by Drive-By Shooting

Memphis community leader and city council candidate Yolanda Cooper-Sutton ducked for cover during a drive-by shooting. At the same time, she was being interviewed on TV about reducing crime in a city park.

Cooper-Sutton was about to discuss a police plan to enforce a teen curfew in Memphis. But just as she started, about a dozen shots rang out nearby. Cooper Sutton dropped to the ground, saying, “Jesus. Get down, get down, get down,” she said to the TV crew after crouching out of the camera frame. “Just stay down and get down.”

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She then said after the shots subsided: “It’s OK. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Just stay down and get down.”

She also tried to comfort a frightened reporter who could be heard breathing heavily.

Yolanda Cooper-Sutton

“It’s OK, James. Thank you, Lord, for the blood of Jesus that covers us. Thank you, Father, for the blood of Jesus,” she said.

According to FOX News, the suspect reportedly opened fire on a nearby apartment complex. No one was injured, and no arrests have been made.

“I got a call to do an interview that they wanted us to talk about the crime and the gun crime and the solutions that are now arising with the citizens and with the current administration and what my thoughts were around it,” Cooper-Sutton told Todd Piro Thursday. “I had no idea that we would be in the middle of an actual drive-by shooting.”

“In that moment, I knew that it was gunshots, and I knew that it was immediately to get down because a moving target is a hit target every time and not sure where the bullets were coming from, but I knew there were bullets, and my instinct immediately was to hit the ground, and I did,” she said.

Anchor Richard Ransom described the scary incident during the news telecast Tuesday.


“When the gunfire rang out, the interviewee ducked out of frame, telling the news crew to ‘just stay down and get down’ while praying,” he told viewers, adding that the shots were aimed at a nearby housing complex,” “No one was hurt, and police responded right away, although as far as we know, no one has been arrested,” Ransom added.

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Ransom also told viewers that several rounds struck the building of another news outlet several weeks ago.

“I fear it’s only a matter of time before some station’s crew does get hurt,” he said. “Doing an interview, in a park, at 11 am should not be dangerous.”

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