[Video] Houston Pastor Helps Neighbors Thwart Attacker

Shane Jennings, 54, is in the county jail thanks to the help of a Houston pastor after Jennings allegedly barged his way into the residence of Earl & Sharon Koehn and attacked and robbed Earl, who is 85 and suffers from dementia.

According to Houston police, Shane Jennings, 54, barged into the Koehn home in northwest Houston on June 15.

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Sharon said Jennings first asked her for a glass of water, then insisted she gives him ice water. He then asked to use the restroom. When she refused, he became enraged.

“I started to close the door, and that’s when he pushed his way inside and shoved my husband to the floor,” Sharon said.

Houston pastor Heath Haynes who helped thwart Jennings allegedly attacking the elderly couple credited his faith for jumping into action to protect his neighbors.

Pastor Haynes told Fox News Digital that he was sitting with his wife in their home on June 15 when they heard Sharon yelling for help outside.

Shane Jennings

“I started running over, thinking I’m responding to the medical emergency,” Haynes recounted. “And then she starts yelling as she’s coming down the sidewalk that [a suspect] is attacking her husband. So, I kind of switched gears to ‘OK, this is not a medical emergency. This is an attack.'”

“If it weren’t for him, we’d probably be dead,” Sharon Koehn told KTRK of local pastor Heath Haynes.

When Haynes got to the Koehn house, he peeked in the window and saw his 85-year-old neighbor Earl Koehn, who has dementia, on the floor with a coat rack over his chest and a man rifling through his pockets.

“I’m banging on the door yelling at [the suspect], and he’s acting like he lives there, saying ‘I’ll be right there,'” Haynes said. “I’m yelling, ‘I can see you.’ And at that point, he stops and goes to the back of the house.”

That’s when Haynes took out his phone and began recording the scene, explaining he thought the suspect might have a weapon and the camera could deter him from becoming more violent.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing, man?” Haynes is heard asking Jennings in the video. “You’re beating that man up.”

Haynes told Jennings to put down a set of car keys he had to the Koehn’s pickup truck and other items in his hand, the video shows. The suspect is seen attempting to open the truck door before running from Haynes.

The pastor managed to subdue Jennings for a few moments, as the suspect claimed he did not attack the couple and that he “can’t breathe” as Haynes held him by the collar of his T-shirt.

Haynes said he did not realize that Jennings still had a pair of keys in his hands, and it didn’t occur to him that the suspect would try to jump into the vehicle as they were in an enclosed area.

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Jennings did make a move for the car. Haynes recorded the suspect driving the truck through a fence, sideswiping the house, repeatedly hitting another parked vehicle in the driveway, running over some trash cans, and taking off.

Police captured Jennings later that day following a short chase, where Jennings also reportedly rammed a police vehicle. He was charged with six felonies, including aggravated assault of an elderly person and assault of a peace officer, KTRK reported.

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